Musings In Maroon

Stephanie LaCava

By Stephanie LaCavaArts & Features Editor

As promised, here is the “WHY DON’T YOU? … for Colgate Students” based on Diana Vreeland’s legendary suggestions for luxurious living:


… Wake up early and enjoy the calm of a collegiate town’s sunrise.

… Turn off your cell phone for an entire day (I promise you won’t miss anything – except for the interruptions).

… Trade your coffee for tea. Enjoy it mindfully from a cup and saucer.

… Decorate your room with real tapestries like The Lady and the Unicorn or the Bayeux Tapestry.

… Skip downtown and throw your own themed f??te.

Some suggestions:

Celebrate the reopening of the MOMA! Offer avant garde goodies (have a pre-party to make creative hors d’oeuvres). Then, paint the town red (hee hee).

Host a series of film screenings. For Halloween, I suggest a horror movie affair complete with a Hitchcock heroine hostess (Fall’s fashions offer ideal ensembles).

Have a harvest festival celebrating the Greek myth surrounding the seasons. Guests can enter the underworld and sip pomegranate punch dressed as their favorite deities.

Come snow …

Ice capades cocktails = cheesy costumes and bad music (the usual theme party).

Throw a Snow Ball and save money by turning the heat way down for an authentic atmosphere.


… Seek out off campus wildlife: volunteer at the local animal shelter…. Use your ribbon belt to tie back the curtains and let some light in…. Go antiquing in Madison…. Collect unused foodstuffs and donate them to a food drive…. Get to know your neighbors. If you’re downtown, bring over some cookies and turn down the music. Uptown, er, on campus: bring over some cookies and turn up the music…. Sip warm soymilk with a dash of cinnamon…. Eat slices with your silver.



… Take a moment to remember what is important beyond the bubble – keep that wisdom within, your true friends close and your priorities in order. * * *