“Students & Alumni For Colgate” Not SGA Sponsored: Parliamentarian Addresses Website

Kevin McAvey

To the Student Body,

The SGA Executive Board has been, and continues to be, aware of the undercurrents leading to the presence of “Students & Alumni for Colgate” on this campus. The “Students & Alumni for Colgate” are not sponsored or sanctioned by the Student Government Association. They do, however, raise issues that may affect students’ short-term and long-term interests. Your President and Vice-President, Ram Parimi and Casey McCormack, since taking office, have fought hard for the student voice and have already had a big impact on the way – and respect with which – the student body is handled. They continue to do so. President Ram Parimi will make an official statement regarding “Students & Alumni for Colgate” early next week, when all information is gathered and carefully evaluated, keeping in mind the current and future students’ best interest. At this time, I would encourage all of you to talk with your Senators, who will address any concerns or questions you may have during Senate on Tuesday, November 2, 2004. Thank you.

Kevin Casey McAveySGA Parliamentarian