Frank Strives To Become More Organic and Vegetarian-Friendly

Jeff Tufts

Colgate students with a craving for vegetarian and organic foods will have their hunger satiated next month when Frank Dining Hall will introduce a new, more health-conscious section to their usual dinner offerings. This addition is the brainchild of Phil Sweeney, who contemplated the idea this summer and then decided to institute it when Colgate students requested more organic options. “It was something I thought about this summer, and students came to me with the same idea…everything just came together,” Sweeney said. The new option will consist of a short fixed menu, along with rotating daily specials. Planned staples include organic rice, organic pasta, tofu and organic salads. The food will be made to order by a chef. “We’ve tried things like this in the Coop before, but people didn’t want to spend the extra money,” said Sweeney. “Hopefully this way the people who want it will be able to get it.” In order to make space for the new choices, Sweeney plans to eliminate the saut?e section currently offered. The cook there will be moved to the hot line; Sweeney believes such changes will only enhance dinner options for all students.

The new change comes as part of the dining service’s general movement towards making healthier eating easier for students. They are now associated with, a website intended to help people live healthier, happier lives.

Sweeney plans to implement some healthier recipes that he found on the site.

“We offer a lot of things that are healthy and well-balanced,” Sweeney said. “You have to be selective and picky about what you’re putting on your plate and eating.”

In order to aid students in making healthy choices, Sweeney also plans to make several different menus available to those eating in the dining halls. The menus will reflect different types of healthy diets, including low carb, low fat and balanced meal plans.

As for what the future may bring, Sweeney is noncommittal but optimistic: “If it goes over well, we’ll see where we go from there. You have to walk before you can run. I think it will do well, and I think the group that’s looking for it will be pleased.”