Students Spend “A Day” With Professional Colgate Alumni

Conor Fitzgerald

Starting October 6 Colgate students will begin the process of finding a Colgate alumni or parent to shadow over winter break. The A Day in the Life program put on by Career Services allows Colgate students to explore possible career options by getting a first hand look at a career area that interests them by spending a day with someone in a profession they are interested in.

Thursday night there was an information secession put on by Ann Landstrom from the center for career services to familiarize students with the process about how to find someone to shadow. The session was “informative,” said senior Lauren Healy and the program “sounds interesting to participate in.”Student heard first hand testimony about the program from senior Paul Ridley who spoke about his experience last year as he shadowed a Senior Vice President at Wasabi Security. Ridley said the program gave him great networking opportunities and first hand experience in his area of interest, finance. He spent the day getting an idea about what a career in finance would be like and was “exposed to a whole company of professionals” so he got a feel for jobs ranging from Vice Presidents to entry level jobs. Paul said he thought the A Day in the Life program was a great resource for students to use to explore possible careers.

The program begins the process of matching students with people to shadow on October 6 when the book of alumni and parents are made available to students and they can pick up an application to fill out. To participate in the program, students need to submit a resume and an application. Landstrom stressed that careers services is able to students prepare their resumes throughout the process. Peer advisor services are available to help students craft their resumes and resume workshops will be held on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Students will have to submit their resume and application along with their top three choices for placement before 3:30 p.m. on October 26. If a students can not find a placement that suites their interests, they can contact career service to work on finding a match. Last year, students had 90 placements to chose from. This year career services hopes to provide even more choices so students should be able to find something that matches their interests. On November 10th students will find out their match and after a week they will begin to contact their placement to set up a convent time. Students who are thinking about participating in the A Day in the Life program should realize they are making a commitment and must be at their placement on the arranged day.

The program is open to students of all years. Sophomores and juniors are urged to participate, before their senior year, so they can get a better idea about a possible career after Colgate. Students interested in participating should go to the Career Services on October 6 to take a look at possible placements or attend an information secession that will happen next week.