All Dressed Up: The iPod Goes Haute



Jeff Sheng

Along with their pastel pink polos, grey New Balances and closet full of assorted flip flops, it seems another essential item for Colgate students is the Apple iPod. The little white rectangle that measures a mere 2.4 x 4.1 x 5.7 inches and weighs in at a feathery 5.7 ounces is the must-have gadget of the past three years. Since Apple’s release of the first iPod in 2001, the mp3 wonder has changed the appearance of portable music, but now it aims to give its users a makeover as well. Companies such as Fendi, Gucci, Pucci, Prada, Chanel, Coach, and others are designing their own unique line of iPod cases in case the more haute consumer is tired of the cheap-o leatherette and plastic iPod sleeves. Gucci’s line of iPod cases cost around $200; that’s a hefty price tag, considering the iPod itself starts at only $249. The Gucci case is beige with trademark Gucci insignias in dark brown. It also has a green and red web strap and is embellished with silver hardware so the user can sling it across their shoulder much like a purse. Although some ardent readers will probably be cursing their heads off at such a ridiculous price for an iPod case, fashion-conscious consumers will surely welcome a little style to their portable jukebox. However, Gucci’s iPod case seems like a bargain compared to what Fendi has to offer. Fendi’s out with a multiple jukebox holder that can carry up to a dozen iPods. In fact, it is more of a purse than an iPod container. The purse even contains earpiece outlets, so there won’t be unnecessary cords to ruin your outfit. The Fendi “jukepurse” is designed by German iPod fanatic, Karl Lagerfield, who decided to design a bag for Fendi that’s modeled after his own iPod case. One might ask him, why would you ever need to hold 12 iPods? Well that’s easy to answer because Lagerfield himself owns 40. The purse, by the way, costs about the same as an Apple G4 powerbook: $1,500. Fendi also plans to release an iPod case made completely of silver. If bourgeouis fashion isn’t your thing, Burton, a popular snowboarding company is out with an iPod case of its own for the more active lifestyle. It is a rugged, waterproof case that costs about $400, about the same price as the top of the line 40 gig iPod. Many other European companies such as Pucci, Prada, Chanel and Coach have all caught on to the iPod craze. The iPod is itself a fashion icon. According to International Herald Tribune, “The same consumer who buys an iPod buys luxury goods.” For the other half of the world, a simple black leatherette case may be plenty lavish for their iPods. But put yourself in the iPod’s shoes: would you wear that cheap leather spandex thing when you could be enveloped some luscious Gucci love? I didn’t think so either.