Fashion Column: The Rise of Athleisure

Angie Diaz, Maroon-News Staff

Athleisure is clothing made for sporting activities and other active settings that is taken from that space and used in other social and casual areas. Athleisure has become popularized mostly for its functionality; the trend is not only comfortable, but also looks good when styled. You can mix and match your favorite athleisure pieces with accessories or other non-athleisure clothing items to create a nice balance between the two and elevate your outfit. Many of us at Colgate actively participate in this trend. The use of yoga pants and leggings, sporty sneakers, sweatpants, sports bras, sweatshirts and hoodies for non-gym related activities is a very common sight. If you are somebody who wants to participate in this trend but you don’t know where to start, here are some tips on how you can begin to build and style your athleisure wardrobe.

Leggings, Sweats and Biker Shorts

Most retail stores have been stepping up their game in terms of the variety of styles and patterns of leggings, sweatpants and biker shorts available for purchase. Mesh panel, laser-cut, contrast and striped trim, color block, faux leather, zippered and braided are just a few of the many styles one can choose from. The increase in variation of athletic bottoms has worked to elevate their look and increase the versatility of typical leggings, sweats and biker shorts.

Chunky “Dad” or Futuristic, Sorty Trainers

Sneakers such as the Fila Disruptors have the typical dad-trainer look, neutral color combinations and thick soles that provide cushion. This style has been modernized with fresh and sleek color palettes and the addition of materials such as metallics, mesh, suede and leather. These types of sneakers are the epitome of athleisure because they combine comfort and function with style.

Half-and-Half Chunky “Dad” or Futuristic, Sorty Trainers

When styling athleisure, a helpful tip to keep in mind is to wear a balanced, half-and-half ratio of regular clothes combined with athletic clothing. While it is important to have a decent number of sporty clothing items, to truly accomplish the look of athleisure you need to add some regular clothing pieces such as a bomber or leather jacket, or a beanie. This will elevate your outfit from a typical athletic/gym look.

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