Fashion Column: The Hair Accessory Revival of 2019

Angie Diaz, Maroon-News Staff

I remember growing up in New York City when people envied straight, voluminous blowouts. The salons would be full of young girls and women of all ages and hair types trying to get their hair slick, straight and glossy. In general, hair accessories faced a bit of a decline after the ‘90s because more people wanted to show off their straight, shiny locks than their new, gold-colored hair clip. However, in recent years, hair accessories have made their presence known on and off the runway and have managed to achieve mainstream status again. Hair accessories’ popularity has evolved over time, beginning with the comeback of scrunchies, hair clips with tortoise patterns, flower crowns and colorful knot headbands. Here are a couple of notable hair accessories and how they have evolved for 2019:


Lara Jean’s scrunchies from “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” are a perfect example of the classic ’80s scrunchie becoming modernized. While the old school version of the fabric-covered hair elastic came in basic colors and fabrics such as velvet, the revamped scrunchie can be found not only in an assortment of different colors and fabrics, but also in various intricate prints and patterns. This modern style of scrunchie appeals to a wider range of audiences. Plus, the looser, softer hold of a scrunchie is less damaging to our hair when compared to the typical hair elastic or tie.

Hair Clips and Pins

Hair clips and pins have experienced an interesting development. They went from being ornate, bedazzled hair barrettes with pearls to serving a more functional purpose of holding hair back in the form of hair claws, clips and metal clamps. Over time, hair clips and pins have taken the best of both these approaches. Now you can find minimalistic geometric hair pins embellished by either beads or crystals and sleek metallic or translucent claws and clips.


Headbands transitioned from an athletic accessory to hold back our hair and sweat into an everyday-style accessory. Even the thickness of headbands has changed over time from extremely wide to thin no-slip bands into a medium size, which is popular today. Headbands are versatile in their styling because they can come in different types of fabrics, metals and plastic materials. This allows for a variety of different styles and ways to wear a headband. Recently, the top knot headband with bohemian accents has become more fashionable, while classic plastic material headbands have experienced a bit of a decline.

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