Trump’s Dismissal of the Climate Change Report: What’s Right

Marc Moreira, Maroon-News Staff

While the President can keep tweeting about issues and policy goals, the general population should understand that in many situations, Trump’s words almost
never equate to his policies. I truly believe that Trump is referring to massive government overreach and failure when it comes to regulating environmental protections which do exist. While I may not agree with his complete
dismissal of the climate change report, I think his dismissal may have some truth that shouldn’t be discarded simply because he is not an effective communicator.

As conservatives, the President and I believe in decreasing the size and role of the government and I can agree with the President that the government has overreaching regulations pertaining to environmental policies which has resulted in immense waste. Consider the subsidies the government provides to electric car makers and owners. Over the course of its lifetime, a Nissan Leaf, the most popular electric car on the market, will produce roughly 31 metric tons of CO2, whereas a Mercedes A160 case will produce 34 metric tons, just three tons more than the Nissan Leaf, according to USA Today. Therefore, based on Europe’s standard that it costs roughly $7 to reduce a single metric ton of CO2 in the atmosphere, the overall economic benefit of driving an electric car is only $35. Seeing as the United States government provides over $7,500 in tax subsidies in some states to owners of electric cars, according to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the difference in economic benefit and cost of driving an electric car is a blatant example of government run amok.

Additionally, Trump’s environmental policy should come at no surprise. In response to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s comment about putting coal miners out of business, President Trump made a promise throughout his campaign to revamp the coal industry as well as cut down environmental regulations and, once he was President, he did just that. Since he was elected democratically, is he not simply doing the wishes of the American people?

While I may not agree with Trump’s complete dismissal with the report based on my own belief that climate change is real and deserves some effective government intervention, it shouldn’t have come to any surprise that the President reacted the way he did. President Trump ran on a platform of increasing government efficiency, and this is just another example of the President trying to achieve that goal.

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