13 Beats of the Week – Editors’ Edition 

Maroon-News Editors

1. “Woman Like Me” by Little Mix feat. Nikki Minaj

Although I’m trying to stay impartial in this Cardi B and Nikki Minaj debate, Nikki’s verse adds to the great harmonies, amazing vocals and female empowerment that Little Mix already lays down.

2. “Boris,” by Lo-Fang

While the content of this song raises questions about coercion, Lo-Fang’s ability to perfectly capture sexual tension, combined with a dreamy set of vocals, makes this hit an incredible guilty pleasure.

3. “Blue Moon” by Billie Holiday

This 1934 hit will transport you back in time. Holiday’s classic, elusive voice and the hum of the saxophone make this tune a go-to for studying and relaxing.

4. “Helplessness Blues” by Fleet Foxes

Despite the depressing title, this song is surprisingly upbeat. Fleet Foxes create incredible harmonies with their vocals and will keep you humming to their music all day long.

5. “Pulaski at Night,” by Andrew Bird

The only song on his 2012 album
I Want to See Pulaski at Night that isn’t simply an instrumental, Bird’s “Pulaski at Night” perfectly combines an intriguing ambiance with a sense of longing through his lyrics with very technically impressive violin playing.

6. “Potato Salad” by Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky

Tyler and Rocky give some relaxed but thoughtful bars over a nostalgic old Kanya beat on a track that, for some reason, hasn’t gotten much play time. The clever lyrics continue to develop each artist’s respective new directions.

7. “Life is Confusing” by Longhorne Slim

Isn’t this title relatable? Slim’s song echoes the common sentiment of a chaotic and messy life with his Nashville-based sound.

8. “Polly” by Whitney

This sombre tune is juxtaposed with some catchy horn-line sounds that interrupt Whitney’s voice. Check out “Polly” if you’re looking for a funky beat and a new artist to add to your repertoire.

9. “Say You Love Me” by Fleetwood Mac

This 1975 Rock-Pop hit from Fleetwood Mac will undoubtedly put a smile on your face. What more could you ask for at this point in the semester?

10. “The Love Club” by Lorde

New Zealand’s favorite Electropop singer, Lorde, never fails to amaze. “The Love Club” is a throwback from her hit album, “Pure Heroine” and is addictive.

11. “Never Would Have Made It,” by Teyana Taylor

Busting into the R&B scene after a four-year-break with her edgy album
K.T.S.E., Taylor’s album includes this soulful, feel-good song about love and strength.

12. “Goes Like That,” by Mario

This light, soothing tune speaks to a girl who definitely has the artist deeply in love.

13. “Self” by Noname

Noname always reigns supreme, and “Self” is no exception. The whole
Room 25 album is a solid choice.