Back to Backpacks: A Guide to a School Necessity

Angie Diaz, Maroon-News Staff

The beginning of another semester signals the start of the divisive back to school shopping spree. While there are some people who love this time of year and stock up on all the on- sale stationary items on Amazon, others dread it due to the accompanying stress of choosing both school and dorm necessities. A significant part of back to school shopping includes deciding which type of bag is most suitable for class and other on-campus responsibilities.

A college student’s backpack or tote is one of their most important items because it carries everything they need. A person’s individual needs will determine what type of bag is best to use. For example, some students like to bring their laptop to class and require bags with a laptop compartment. While it is essential to prioritize the practicality of a bag, another element to consider is style. The bag a student brings to class does not only hold their books, but also displays their personality.

When determining what type of bag you should use for this semester, variables such as practicality, size, amount of compartments, adjustable straps, water resistance and shape should be determined by what your style and storage needs are. To help you pick out the perfect bag for this semester, here is a quick guide to what’s on the market:

If you are an athlete on campus or the type of person who likes to participate in outdoor activities like hiking or camping, then you need to focus on versatility. A water-resistant backpack that is highly durable and able to withstand daily wear and tear is crucial. Another important aspect to think about is storage space to organize your books and sports gear. Side pockets can also be a useful compartment to put water bottles or other equipment in. One example of a versatile and durable backpack brand is Kipling Seoul. These backpacks are lightweight and prepared for any adventure, featuring various interior and exterior compartments, side pockets, easy maintenance and padded shoulder straps. A couple of other durable sporty backpack brands are Under Armour, Nike, Swiss Gear, North Face, Timbuk2, Kaukko, 
Vaschy and Thule.

MINIMALIST STYLE BACKPACKS For the student who does not have many on-campus commitments or does not like to carry a lot of stuff around, then a more minimalist approach is recommended: a sturdy bag with the essential interior compartments without flashy additional features. The Herschel Supply Co. ‘City-Mid Volume’ Backpack is durable, and its design is a basic rectangular shape with a unique adjustable strap and a magnetic closure. The aesthetic of the bag is minimalist because it has no side pockets and embodies a modern-chic look. Laptop tote bags are another good option for the student who prefers a stylish but simple design for their carryons. Brands that carry minimalist style bags are Tommy Hilfiger, Cartinoe, Zara, Madewell, Eastpak, Zysun, Incase City and Longchamp.

STYLISH BULK BAGS Backpacks or totes that are large and bulky are perfect for the student who has significant commitments and homework but has no time to go back to their dorm room throughout the day. These students do not only carry their books and laptops but food and other essentials as well. The drawback of big bags is that they tend to get heavy, so a bag with a lighter material and more interior compartments can help remedy this. The Kanken backpack has managed to achieve this delicate balance between both style and function. Not only can one of their larger sized bags carry a lot, but the option to hold it briefcase style or get one with a laptop compartment is an added benefit. Other brands that accommodate the student with enormous loads are Himawari, Lily & Drew, Modoker, Kroser, Victorinox, Puma, and Hynes Eagle.

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