Juicy J: The Dark Horse of SPW


Juicy-J takes the stage and rocks the crowd with his memorable performance.

Alena Maiolo, Maroon-News Staff

Most people know Juicy J as the featured artist on Katy Perry’s song, “Dark Horse,” but this weekend, the Colgate student body didn’t know what to expect from the rap artist. Due to the inclement weather, the concert was moved indoors. Walking into the Sanford Field House to escape the dismal rain, the smell of pizza and the sound of opening artist Ro Ransom welcomed students. Along with the food, slimetastic Spring Party Weekend (SPW) t-shirts were also available. While a crowd gathered around the stage, many students also laid out on the turf and enjoyed the music from a more relaxing standpoint. Ro Ransom engaged the crowd from his first song until the end of his set; fists were pumping in the air and phones were out to capture the unforgettable memories. 

After Ro Ransom left the stage and seconds were ticking down until Juicy J went on, the crowd waited eagerly for the rap artist.

“I feel like the idea of rap is very popular here at Colgate, especially at party scenes. I know a lot of people weren’t necessarily thrilled about Juicy J coming here, but it seems like it goes along with something Colgate would have,” first-year Dani Robinson said. 

It was clear from the turnout that Robinson was correct in assuming that the Colgate community enjoys Juicy’s music.

When Juicy J stepped onto the platform, the masses of people quickly finished their mozzarella sticks and sprinted towards the stage, phones in hand. The atmosphere was electrifying, energetic and exciting. People were dancing and laughing as Juicy J pointed the microphone to the audience who sang along to the lyrics. The neon green coloring on the SPW t-shirts donned by many audience members glowed in the lights from the stage. After performing his first few songs, Juicy J took a selfie from the stage and invited people to dance with him, involving the student body more intimately with the concert experience and invigorating the audience. First-year Francis Criscione described the atmosphere of the concert. 

“I’m loving it. I’m loving the vibe. It’s really exciting. I feel the camaraderie. It’s just a good time,” Criscione said.

Eventually, the concert came to an end. While many students thoroughly enjoyed the entirety of the performance, others were left feeling lukewarm. First-year Peter Donohue described the concert experience as “satisfactory.” 

Ultimately, the Juicy J concert was a great way to bring the student body together to help celebrate the culmination of another great academic year. 

“I’m not usually the person to go out, so this is a new scene for me… An adventure, let’s say it’s an adventure. It definitely was a lot of fun,” first-year Elena Forbath said.

Forbath said it best; this weekend was a great adventure.

Overall, Juicy J was the dark horse of the night and the weekend, unexpectedly rocking Colgate’s small world. His Saturday night concert was a perfect way to end Spring Party Weekend 2018 – for those who didn’t proceed to stay out until dawn, at least. 

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