2018: New Year, Old Trends

This triangular hair holder is the way of the future.

Angie Diaz, Maroon-News Staff

Even though I’m still accidentally writing 2017 on all my headings, we’re already a month into the new year. It oftentimes feels surreal how fast time flies and fashion trends shift. Keeping in mind everything else going on in college students’ lives, it can become impossible to stay on top of the latest styles and newest looks. There’s no need to stress! I’ve compiled a list of upcoming trends that will become more visible in 2018. These are fashion trends that I’ve noticed from sources like Vogue, New York Fashion Week and urban style sites that are on the rise. Hopefully this list will provide you with a head start on how to update your wardrobe for the year ahead.

Hair Accessories 

Hair accessories with elaborate prints such as scrunchies, headbands, pins, clips and wraps had been on a steady decline since the beginning of the 2000s. For some reason, colorful and eccentric hair pins, clips and ties began to be associated with children and worn less and less as individuals got older. Even though flower headbands and bold head wraps did gain a bit of buzz in the last couple of years, hair accessories like scrunchies, pins, brooches and clips have not completely made come backs. However, this might be the year to turn that around. Geometrically abstract and floral hair clips, bands and pins have slowly made their return onto the heads of fashion models and enthusiasts alike. While hair scrunchies aren’t quite back “in”, keep an eye out for different types of hair accessories

Flare Styled Pants 

This trend dominated the ’70s, but it almost became completely eradicated after the rise of skinny jeans and pants. Fortunately, flare and wide-legged pants began to reemerge slowly as some people preferred wearing pants that provided their legs more freedom and comfort. Different types of prints such as floral and striped flare and wide-legged pants are making a comeback and will definitely be more prominent during the spring and summer months. 

Bold Glasses and Sunglasses

Throughout the years, glasses became a style staple associated with the stereotypical nerd. Most recently, glasses have started to break out of this limiting archetype. People who didn’t even need glasses started sporting clear large thin framed glasses or Ray Ban inspired glasses on social media. 

Glasses will continue to break away from the nerd stereotype and bolder frame shapes, sizes and colors will emerge. In contrast, sunglasses have always been seen as “cool.” For 2018, expect to see sunglasses with different color tinted frames to become more popular.

Geometric Minimalism

Geometric minimalism refers to simplistic designs and patterns involving different kinds of shapes. In terms of upcoming fashion, this mean that looks will focus on the form of the garment and basic pattern designs instead of intricate shapes and complex patterns. 


Velvet as a fabric is gorgeous and feels soft to the touch. Velvet lost its popularity for a while and became more common as a fabric for couches and elderly people. However, velvet is slowly coming back in style, particularly in skirts, dresses and t-shirts.

’90s Vibe

I’m excited that ’90s urban style has been making a huge return. If Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” music video with Cardi B hasn’t convinced you that the ’90s iconic style is worth taking a look at, then I don’t know what will. Windbreakers and parka jackets of bright colors and varying styles will become more rampant this spring season. Other ’90s staples such as overalls, bucket hats and track pants will also be more apparent throughout the year.  

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