Alumni Column: I’ll Happily Do it for Colgate

Susie Becker Gould, Class of 2003

It’s 11p.m., my daughter was diagnosed with the flu today, work’s crazy and I’m leaving for vacation on Friday. All that being said, I have an article to write for the Maroon-News and as always  I’ll happily do it for Colgate. That is a spirit that I know runs strong in most every Colgate alum that I meet. One of the most rewarding experiences of my adult life has been being a part of the Alumni Council. It is filled with wonderful people who truly embody Colgate’s spirit and will do most anything for Colgate.

What is it about this beautiful campus on a hill that was our home for four years? I believe it is that it is truly a combination of all great things a college should have: academics, athletics, campus beauty, social options and amazing people. That’s what brings us Alumni Council folks back three times a year, and in my case this year, four. It’s my 15 year reunion this year!

We want to give back to the students the experience we had and engender that same spirit to create generations of alumni who want to do the same. We savor the experience to head up in the depths of cold January. Those who know me know that I cannot wait to have my first slice at Slices or my favorite BLT sandwich on an everything bagel at Flour & Salt. I especially cannot wait to get back with my dearest friends to celebrate our 15 year reunion and remember the good times we shared there.  

Colgate continues to exceed my expectations; most notably of late by the addition of our amazing and inspirational president, Brian Casey. The first time I met Brian I gave him a maroon pen. Those who know me also know I’m almost always wearing or carrying something maroon.  The second time I saw him was at the President’s Club Gala on the Intrepid. While he was surrounded by many, he pointed me out by name and thanked me again for the pen.  Brian truly embodies the spirit that is Colgate. He knows and cares about all students and alumni. He even writes me back at his busiest times just to compare Peloton notes. We are truly lucky to have him.  

All of those things have ingrained in me a spirit to always do it for Colgate. I will happily talk to any and every student (and alum too) who is looking for career or real world advice. I’ll host any group at my company and try to get them the best experiences when visiting. And I’ll write articles, even though it’s the only time since college I write anything beyond an email.

Being an active Colgate alum allows us to stay intellectually engaged and be part of the conversation on all that is happening at school. We get to give our perspective, and we feel so honored that Colgate looks to us for that. So lastly, I will thank the students who are taking the time to read this and leave you with this. Enjoy every moment of your four years at Colgate but don’t be too sad when you have to leave, as you have a lifetime of being a Colgate alum ahead of you. And you too will likely have the same feeling that you’ll do anything for Colgate.