A Quick Recap of New York Fashion Week’s Inclusive Trends

Angie Diaz, Maroon-News Staff

Indonesian Designers Focus on Fashion for Muslim Women:

New York Fashion Week this September helped challenge prominent stereotypical norms of beauty and style that have been commonly accepted and vastly promoted in the past. This idea is evident in the wider diversity of models represented during Fashion Week: different sizes and ethnic backgrounds were more prominent on the runway. The hijab and abaya were the main focuses in five up-and-coming Indonesian designers’ showcases. Two of these five showcases were targeted toward more traditional Muslim women. The idea behind collections like these is to demonstrate both the agency Muslim women have when wearing hijabs and abayas, as well as the beauty of these garments.

Sporty Style Features Fanny Packs:

Sport-inspired style made a bold statement during Fashion Week, most notably featured in Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma showcase. There was an abundant array of biker shorts, windbreakers, nylon and anorak track pants, bold neon hues, mesh hoodies and statement one pieces. Surprisingly, the fanny pack has achieved a decent comeback over the years and was a standout accessory in various designers’ shows. The use of the fanny pack varied from sporty to minimalist to girly. Another trend that was present during Fashion Week was asymmetrical necklines, which are necklines on tops and dresses that look different from either side of the neckline. The use of ruched fabrics in dresses and tops, which are a great alternative to corsets, delivered that hip-hugging effect that flatters many different body types. 

Millennial Pink and Red:

An interesting color combination that has been gaining popularity and was used throughout designer showcases was that of millennial pink and red. You’re probably wondering what the heck millennial pink is and yes, I also find the name irritating. Millennial pink is essentially a toned down and more muted version of the standard Barbie pink. This ubiquitous shade of pink is gender neutral and challenges gender norms in terms of color. Millennial pink and red are not a bad color combination when used appropriately. However, this color combination can easily go wrong if not balanced out properly, and it can end up resembling a bad Valentine’s Day card. Another unexpected color that has received a lot of attention recently is orange. Orange is “the new black” now. This bold color can be found all over the runway and throughout Fashion Week’s street style crowd. 

Everyday Fashion:

A lot of street style trends are inspired by the various people who attend New York’s Fashion Week. Blazers and pantsuits have been converted from just office clothes to streetwear for women. Wearing them loosely adds to the relaxed feel of the trend, but you can also add a nicely fitted blazer to any outfit to add a pop of color and give it a more put-together vibe. 


Geometric sunglasses are another trend that has been on the rise and could be found on the runways of fashion week. These sunglasses come in all types of geometric shapes, but the most common frames are hexagon, pentagon and octagon shaped. Patterns, but in particular dark florals, were common and helped many to break away from the usual use of monotonous solid shades.

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