In the Light: Matt Swain


SGA President and senior Matt Swain discusses his time at Colgate.

Nali Byrd

Senior Matt Swain has definitely found a way to make Colgate his own these past four years. Coming from Greenwich, Connecticut, Swain was already familiar with Colgate because his cousin attended the school. Upon visiting, he fell in love with everything about the campus and knew he wanted to make it home. 

Swain is an environmental studies and economics concentrator. He likes the way that these two subjects come together and in turn provide a worthwhile education. 

“Environmental studies and economics are a perfect blend of the intellectual communities that Colgate has to offer. The two areas of study give me unique insights that lead to success in everyday discussions and hopefully the working world,” Swain said. 

Outside of classes, Swain is an active member of the Colgate community. He is captain of the Colgate men’s squash team, which won a division national title last year and came in second this year. He is also a member of Konosioni Honors Society. However, Swain’s most well-known for his dedication to making Colgate a better place through his work as the President of the Student Government Association. 

When asked what Swain would miss most about Colgate upon graduation, he said he would definitely miss the community and all of the amazing relationships he has formed with students, faculty, staff and administration. However, he is really excited for his life after Colgate. Swain intends on working at Eaton partners, a company where he began interning for during his sophomore year. At this internship he met alumna Tom Kreitler ’79, who quickly became a mentor and friend to him. There are many Colgate alumni who work at Eaton, and Swain is excited to join the team there. 

Looking back on his four years, Swain was asked to give one piece of advice to an underclassman. His response represents the devotion that he has shown working outside of the classroom.

“Get involved. My richest and most rewarding experiences have been through immersing myself in extracurricular activities here,” Swain said.

Although Swain is ready to leave Colgate and pass down his position as president, he leaves behind all of his contributions to this campus.