Love: Advice Column


“Find something which makes you stronger, which makes you valid and do not even listen to anyone who says otherwise. … Be yourself. Regardless, never, never give up on yourself and that’s very important, and that’s how you find love, as well.” — Lyosha Gorshkov

“People at Colgate might benefit from taking the time to consider what kind of relationship they really want. Whether it’s something casual or serious, try not to get wrapped up in what you think other people expect from you. Focus on what makes you happy.” — Elle Winter and Kyle Kadziolka

“The key to someone’s heart is pictures of your dog.” — Elle Winter and Kyle Kadziolka

“Love is putting someone in the same category as yourself. Your needs and their needs hold the same weight, and you’re on the same team. It’s you and them against the world.” — Professor Krystina Sorwell

 “[Learn] to communicate with another person through [your] issues but also through all the good things that happened and [be] able to celebrate with them, I know it’s helped me grow as a person.” — Fred LeClair

“People, I think, frame love and relationships as something that is kind of irrational … It’s okay to put a little faith in love and in your own emotions. … If you’re feeling them, you’re feeling them for a reason.” — Emma Routh

“[Relationships are] more trying to make the other person happy, rather than trying to get something for yourself.” — Luke Beckmen

“It’s all just about communicating.” — Caroline Osman