13 Beats of the Week


1. “Juice” By Chance the Rapper

From his 2013 hit mixtape “Acid Rap,” “Juice” is one of Chance the Rapper’s classics, showcasing his iconic care-free and youthful flow. Although “Acid Rap” and “10 Day” were finally brought onto mainstream streaming services in 2019, “Juice” is one of the few songs for which you still need SoundCloud. 

2. “Les” By Childish Gambino

With a critically acclaimed portfolio, Donald Glover’s work has been revolutionary in the sense that it inspired countless artists to experiment with new instrumentals and political lyrics while consistently paying homage to his Black roots. “Les” is an acronym for Lower East Side, referring to Glover’s college years at NYU. 

3. “Poppin” By Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty has made waves in the music industry ever since she first stepped in it. Known for her unique trap-metal/punk-rap style, Nasty has awoken a new generation of rappers who follow her unique delivery and savvy production skills to mend rap and punk into one sub-genre. 

4. “affection” By BETWEEN FRIENDS

“affection” is a soft pop break-up song characterized by its euphorically chill beat and eerily relatable lyrics. 

5. “Cherry” By Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is best known for her cinematic instrumentals and risqué lyrics. She has captivated audiences from all walks of life and generations. From her 2017 album “Lust For Life,” “Cherry” carries the listener through a cycle of emotions ranging from sorrow to triumph, then sorrow again. 

6. “Scottie Beam” By Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist, Rick Ross

“Scottie Beam” is the product of Freddie Gibbs iconic 2020 collaboration with The Alchemist and Rick Ross off his album “Alfredo.” As the artists share a similar elegant style, it’s no surprise that “Scottie Beam” is a rich and harmonious blend between the rappers.

7. “I Heard Love Is Blind” By Amy Winehouse

“I Heard Love is Blind” is a complex love song in which Winehouse reflects on instances of infidelity. Winehouse illustrates the common scene in which a partner cheats and when confronted about it, the cheater attempts to manipulate the feelings of the other by expressing that they are worth more than whoever they cheated with.  

8. “COFFEE BEAN” By Тravis Scott

Arguably Scott’s most vulnerable piece, “COFFEE BEAN” explains his inner struggles regarding his relationship with Kylie Jenner, race and his daughter while being a young father and a self-made music phenom. Scott admits insecurities regarding his lifestyle, the opinions of Jenner’s family and the constant publicity during major life changes.

9. “She Loves Me Not” By Troi Irons

“She Loves Me Not” is a modern pop-punk hit by the multi-faceted artist/movie producer Troi Irons. Irons is just one of the many female artists trying to reopen the punk rock scene from the past decade. 

10. “Desirée” By Blood Orange

British singer Blood Orange, also known as Devonté Hynes, is a well rounded artist. Getting his start in the early 2000s with punk rock band Test Icicles, Blood Orange played a range of instruments for the group before his solo debut in New York. 

11. “Till the Sun Comes Up Again” By America

Best known for their songs “Sister Golden Hair” and “A Horse with No Name,” America is a classic ‘70s rock band who still tours today. “Till the Sun Comes Up Again” is from America’s 1972 album “Homecoming” alongside the groups most widely known hit “Ventura Highway.”

12. “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” By Kylie Minogue

This 2001 club hit is one of Minogue’s later songs. Getting her start in 1979, Minogue is Australia’s best-selling female artist of all time. 

13. “Jealous” By Eyedress

“Jealous” became Eyedress’ number one hit after it was used in a popular TikTok trend late 2020. Although the song became mainstream through social media, “Jealous” has quickly become an all-time favorite among many alternative listeners.