World Series Preview: Storylines in the Cubs-Indians Matchup

Ian Beck

Cubs fans have been waiting since 1945 to see their team in the World Series, and they have not won a World Series since 1908. To put that in perspective, the New York Yankees have won 17 World Series titles since the last time the Cubs were IN a World Series and have won 27 titles since the Cubs last won the World Series. The lovable losers of baseball finally have a prime opportunity this year to get the monkey off their back with amazing young talent at the plate and a dominant pitching staff. Similarly, Cleveland has had a 68-year championship drought, second only to the Cubs. Since Lebron won a basketball title for The Land, there is not as much pressure on the Indians. Unfortunately, their chances of getting back to the World Series are a lot less than the Cubs who have the youth and talent to turn their team into a dynasty. The Indians are less talented and need to take advantage of the great opportunity and home

field advantage.

The Legacy Of Theo Epstein: 

I will say it now: Theo Epstein is the greatest baseball mind in the history of the game. The teams he has created and the accomplishments he has had are beyond that of any other GM or president in any sport. As a young GM he built the 2004 and 2007 champion Red Sox teams and ended the curse of the Bambino, which seemed unbreakable. Additionally he is responsible for drafting and acquiring the majority of players for the two best offenses in baseball this year: The Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs. Furthermore, he drafted the two likely MVPs of this year: Mookie Betts (AL) and Kris Bryant (NL). To break another long drought and win another championship would make Theo Epstein immortal in the baseball realm.

Terry Francona:

The ex-manager of the 2004, 2007 championship Red Sox has an opportunity to push himself into the realm of Hall of Fame managers by winning this World Series. Following his exit in Boston after 2013, which was littered with scandal, Francona has the chance to redeem his legacy. The current Indian’s team is good, but not great. Terry Francona has been making the right moves all postseason and has gotten his team into the World Series without big names or big money (outside of Andrew Miller).  His team has a likeness to the Royals of the past two years, getting it done with timely hitting, defense and small ball.

Andrew Miller: 

Andrew Miller, so far, has had one of, if not the most dominant postseason a relief pitcher has ever had. So far he has appeared in six games this postseason and has thrown 11 2/3 innings, which is almost two innings per appearance. He has 21 strike outs, two walks, and no runs allowed. Opposing hitters are hitting .132 against him. Furthermore, in his postseason career, he still has yet to allow a run in 20 innings of work. Andrew Miller has been unhittable this postseason, and seemingly can pitch every day. He has the ability to take a short outing for a pitcher who only goes five innings, and get them to the 8th and to the team’s closers. He has been the most important player for the Indians this postseason and could be the deciding factor if this series is close.