The Manhattan String Quartet Brings World Class Performance to Colgate


The Manhattan String Quartet impressed once again with their spot-on rhythm and expertise. 

Keira Mongeon, Maroon-News Staff

As the cold weather set in last Friday night, many members from both the Colgate and Hamilton community gathered to find both warmth and music. Funded by CORE 152 – Challenges of Modernity, The Manhattan String Quartet performed in the Colgate Memorial Chapel on October 16. With Curtis Macomber and Calvin Wiersma playing violins, John Dexter playing viola and Chris Finckel on cello, the ensemble performed two hours of classical music. The quartet’s concert consisted of three songs: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s String Quartet in B-Flat Major (1784), Charles Ives’ String Quartet #1, “A Revival Service” (1896) and Johannes Brahms’ String Quartet #3 in B-Flat Major. 

The Manhattan String Quartet drew a wide audience of people. Young or old, everyone in attendance was able to share the enjoyment of the beautiful music being played. This performance offered a unique opportunity to not only hear classical music, but to hear it being performed live by very talented musicians.

The Manhattan String Quartet is celebrating their 45th season. Additionally, the group has also been the Quartet-in-Residence at Colgate University since 1988. They have performed all throughout the world in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. On the homepage for the Manhattan String Quartet, there are numerous quotes from the most prestigious news outlets attesting to the talent of the quartet. The Boston Globe has referred to The Manhattan String Quartet as “a national treasure.” 

“The Manhattan String Quartet blends understanding, cohesion and sharpness to convey the breadth and brilliance of these involving works,” TIME said. The New York Times also praised the group, saying, “The players come to the music with circumspection and unflagging intensity.”

After the concert, Colgate students shared their own responses to the quartet’s performance. 

“I thought it was very enjoyable. They were very talented musicians. It was a real pleasure having them here at the University, and I really appreciate them traveling all the way from Manhattan to play here. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for students and members of the community to experience this kind of music,” first-year Gavin Gao said. 

Others held similar opinions. 

“I thought that the concert was wonderful. I really enjoyed it. It was nice to listen to live classical music. It was also good to see that the people that attended the concert were not only Colgate students, but that most of the people that were there were from Hamilton. It’s good to see that the university is hosting events that interest the people from the town,” first-year Anthony Duffy said. “Hopefully, with more events like this, the people from the town and the students will

become closer.”