SGA Adds New Members and Embraces New Initiatives

Matthew Washuta, Maroon-News Staff

This week the Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board met to discuss projects and goals for the spring semester. There are many new additions to the Board after several members began their study abroad experience this semester: first-years Sydney Block (Recording Secretary), Sam Braver (Webmaster), Taylor Huffer (LGBTQ/Positive Sexuality Liaison), Anna Santiago (Upper Campus Student Life Policy Coordinator), juniors Hunter Hillman (Student Life Policy Coordinator), Nick Laub  (Greek Life Liaison) and Madison Paulk (ALANA Liaison). With these newcomers, the Board has a new look and ideas to continue to accomplish its overarching goals.

The Board’s agenda this semester includes the final touches on several major projects that had been developed in the fall semester as well as new initiatives designed to create a more engaged Colgate community. With work ranging from the future implementation of new Colgate Cruiser routes to new ideas designed to bring Colgate students together, SGA is looking to continue to improve accessibility and engagement on campus.

Hillman is taking the lead on the upcoming Inclusion Dinners to cement the dates and other organizational aspects. The event is designed to provide first-year students with an opportunity to meet with student representatives of Broad Street interest houses. 

“It is an opportunity to interact with upperclassmen in a positive social setting and allows first-years to learn about their residential and social options on Broad Street,” Hillman said.

There are other initiatives that intend to bridge the gap between upperclassmen and underclassmen in order to provide students with a more engaging experience.

The SGA is also helping to raise awareness for TurboVote, a service that helps individuals to vote in upcoming elections. The service is free for Colgate students and can provide students with updates and reminders about upcoming elections in their hometown communities as well as national elections. 

In addition, junior SGA representative David Kim is helping to put the final touches on the Student Involvement Fair, which took place January 28. The Fair provides an opportunity for students to meet with student representatives of numerous clubs and organizations on campus for a chance to engage in new and rewarding experiences this semester and beyond.

With these projects and several others in development, the SGA hopes to create a more actively engaged Colgate community.