Forbidden Cabaret Thrills Audience


Marissa Roberge

On Friday, October 31, and Saturday, November 1, Colgate students performed the Fall 2014 Cabaret “Forbidden Cabaret” at the Palace Theater. Cabaret was started at Colgate by alumni Tessa Drake, Laura McDonald and Lindsey Simpson seven years ago. This year, the fall show was directed by seniors Lauren Bender and Katie Sotos and juniors Meredith Clark, James Carino and Casey Konys.

 For this show, songs that have been forbidden, either for profanity or mature content, were chosen and performed. Performer’s sang numbers from famous Broadway plays like “Rent,” “Spring Awakening,” “The Book of Mormon” and “Chicago.” Even songs like “Afternoon Delight” from the movie “Anchorman,” “Mercy “by Duffy and “Sweet as Whole” by Sara Bareilles were performed. 23 Colgate students made up the cast and the band consisted of five additional students.

The theater was packed Friday night. The audience really enjoyed themselves and appreciated the brave choices the directors made.

“It was really great to see a performance that wasn’t afraid to let its hair down,” sophomore Jake Mahr said. “The audience was in a constant state of laughter and applause.”

There were numbers that were familiar to everyone and some that were new, but each was performed with such skill, theatrics and comedy that there was something for everyone in each number.  

“The cast was phenomenal,” sophomore Emily Haines said. “They are all so talented. My favorite piece was ‘Bring on the Men’ performed by Katie Sotos.”

Whether they came to cheer on friends or if they did not know anyone performing, several students just came to enjoy the unique show. I thoroughly enjoyed the performances. As someone who was familiar with many of the shows they took songs from, I was impressed with the adaptations and talent of the performers. Having never been to a Cabaret performance at Colgate before, I did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with how wonderful it was. My only complaint was the slight troubles with sound on Saturday night. I encourage all students to check out Cabaret, and I look forward to attending many more performances in the future.