In the Light: Alexander Rojek


In the Light: Alexander Rojek

Nick Le

Alexander Rojek, a Molecular Biology major and Geography minor, has undertaken a variety of different roles in the Colgate community, including leader of the Colgate 13 and teaching assistant for “Astronomy in Culture” taught by Russell B. Colgate Professor of Astronomy and Anthropology Anthony Aveni. 

Rojek says that one of the key factors influencing his decision to major in Molecular Biology was the fact that it leads to an understanding of how life functions on the absolute smallest scale. His minor was something which he felt complemented his major very well. 

“In geography, we study many macroscopic world issues, such as land use, climate change and sustainability,” Rojek said. “Understanding the smallest of life processes of the organisms which inhabit our planet allows me to think about geographic issues in a much more holistic manner.” 

He hopes that this educational background will allow him to find a career in sustainability. 

“I consider the vitality of our planet to be extremely important,” Rojek said.

His role in the Colgate community extends beyond the scope of the classroom however. As leader of the Colgate 13, Rojek has traveled for up to three weeks at a time. His position as leader of the group includes a variety of roles, including overseeing the group’s finances and travel arrangements. Though the experience has been one Rojek described as extremely challenging, he also stated that he would not trade it for the world.

Though Rojek describes his academic experience as incredibly enriching, he will miss the relationships he has been able to develop. 

“What I’ll miss most about Colgate are the relationships I’ve built here,” Rojek said. “Whether with professors, classmates, members of the Colgate 13 or my group of friends–I have made so many relationships here that I know will last for years to come.” 

Rojek feels that a special bond exists among everyone at Colgate. 

“I’ll definitely miss that when I step off this campus and move on with the rest of my life,” Rojek said.  

Rojek has made the most of his time here, not only by applying himself academically, but also by committing himself to an organization which provides enjoyment to many. Though his time at Colgate may be nearing its end, the most meaningful parts of his experience, the relationships he made, will last far longer than his four years spent here.