Ballyhoo! Entertains Students on Quad


Marissa Roberge

The Student Committee on Providing Entertainment (SCOPE) held a free concert on Friday, August 29 on the academic quad for all Colgate students. The band performing was called Ballyhoo!, an Aberdeen, Md.- based reggae-rock band. SCOPE works to bring independent and alternative forms of entertainment to campus that no other group on campus currently does. 

The president of SCOPE, junior Alex Tiktinsky said he discovered Ballyhoo! when he was in 10th grade after performing a cover of one a song of theirs. Tiktinsky has been following the band ever since. Other members of the organization had not been familiar with Ballyhoo! prior to their concert but after hearing them perform, they were enthusiastic about their sound. 

A stage was set up on the quad in front of Lathrop Hall and Hascall Hall. A tent where students were able to purchase t-shirts and other band merchandise was set up as well. The event had a small turnout of about 40 students that were scattered around the quad. Some students could be seen lounging in the grass while others chose to stand closer to the stage. Audience members seemed to be enjoying themselves, smiling and dancing along. 

 “I think they have a good sound and an interesting name,” sophomore Taylor Ellerkamp said. 

Sophomore Kate Bazany was also impressed with the group. 

 “I really liked the band and their style,” Bazany said.  

Bazany thought the group was fun and energetic but felt a larger audience would have improved the over all atmosphere. 

“I wish more people were there,” Bazany said.  “Since it was on the quad I thought more people would come. I especially thought the first-years would hear the music from their dorms and come out to meet people.” 

I would have to agree with Bazany. Although I did like the band, the small number of people in attendance made for an awkward viewing experience. In the future I would recommend that SCOPE do more advertising and if a large turnout is not expected I would suggest moving the performance to a smaller venue. 

SCOPE is bringing some interesting and exciting alternative forms of entertainment to campus, and hopefully they can bring up attendance at future events. 

Keep an eye out for more SCOPE events. For those interested in joining, Titinsky wants to emphasize that everybody can have an effect on who they bring to campus. 

“Students have just as much say whether it’s their first day or they have been members for two years,” Titinsky said.