Introducing the Class of 2018: Continuing the Upward Trend

Introducing the Class of 2018: Continuing the Upward Trend

Andre Stephenson

The Colgate University Class of 2018 is the most academically impressive incoming class in the University’s almost 200-year history. The class boasts an average combined SAT Math and Critical Reading score of 1372 and an average GPA of 3.68; both numbers are the highest in school history.  The strength of the Class of 2018 goes far beyond the academic statistics; the Class of 2018 is also the most diverse class in school history. The Class of 2018 is comprised of students from 49 of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as over 36

different countries.

One of the benefits of having such rich diversity is the opportunity it provides for individuals to learn from each other about life experiences that differ from their own.

“It’s the people who are your peers and how that shapes your experience is really powerful … We can tell from the applications we read there is a genuine interest in sharing theses life experiences and learning from others about their own,” Senior Associate Dean of Admissions Karen

Giannino said.

Dean of Admissions Gary Ross is excited to meet the individual students within the class. He believes that the significant number of international students should serve as a source of pride for everyone

associated with Colgate University.  

“It’s especially impressive that we are able to enroll so many truly outstanding young men and women who found out about Colgate from places that are thousands and thousands of miles away. I think the presence of the outstanding international student members in the Class of 2018 should serve as a reminder to all of us that Colgate’s superb reputation doesn’t just exist in the United States but it exists in places, some of which are very very far away from the United States,” Ross said.

The Class of 2018 promises to be both educated and diverse. Individuals in the Office of Admission are proud of the class they have created and are looking forward to seeing how this class will contribute to the larger Colgate community.

“That’s our goal, we’re trying to build a class where people will have that feeling right away [that they’re learning from their peers], certainly [college is] about going to class, its about challenging yourself academically, getting involved in clubs, activities and the community and so on but so much of your college experiences are the people who are your peers and how that shapes your experience is really powerful, some of these friends you’re making right now will be your friends for the rest of your life,” Giannino said.

In order to live up to the high expectations placed upon the Class of 2017, Ross offered some final advice for the 764 incoming students.

“Whether it’s students in your class, the classes above you or our incredible faculty, take advantage of the great people here that make Colgate special,” Ross said.