Colgate Couture: Statement Necklaces

There is something so chic and inherently effortless about the statement necklace. Do you just want to wear a basic t-shirt with leggings today, but don’t feel like looking sloppy? Just add your favorite statement necklace and you’ll look more than presentable. Feel the need to get generic compliments all day? Nothing reels those in like a bright, eye-catching piece of bling hanging around your neck.

The statement necklace has had many purposes and served us all very well. However, I’m getting bored of this jewelry trend. In fact, I think that the statement necklace has let us be lazy when it comes to our outfit choices. Rather than reserving this bold accessories for days when you don’t want to try that hard, many among us have become too dependent on statement necklaces for all our cute outfits.

So I pose one simple question to you Colgate students: Is your statement necklace holding you back? While I do understand the neck fatigue you might experience while wearing a statement necklace made of real metal, that is not what I’m referring to. Instead, is your statement necklace holding you back in terms of outfit creativity? Have you allowed yourself to be complacent when it comes to style? Can you not remember the last “cute” outfit you wore that didn’t include a statement necklace? If any of these questions seem directed towards you, then I suggest that you step away from the J.Crew accessory website and take a little break from your beloved statement jewelry.

Before you get defensive and tell me I’m crazy, I’m not the only one who is tired of this accessory trend. In fact, the very designers who have been profiting the most from this trend – jewelry designers – might be turning away from this trend as well. Recently, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) interviewed some major jewelry designers on the subject.

“They’ve gotten a little cheap-looking. The statement necklace started high-end and it’s kind of sunk down,” said designer Gerard Yosca to WWD.

He’s right. Now every store has these trendy, bold accessories, their quality and designs have tumbled so low that it’s difficult to distinguish this trend from your grandmother’s costume jewelry. Trying to break away from the rhinestones and neon-colored baubles that have dominated the accessory market for years, major jewelry designers are moving towards high-shine metallics and layered pieces.

“They are coming down, so you have an impressive piece of jewelry that doesn’t scream. We’re making necklaces that look a little more real and a little less fantasy,” Yosca said.

While the statement necklace has had quite a run, it’s time to put those costume pieces back in their box. Mix up patterns and add more pops of color to make your outfit chic instead of relying on ostentatious plastic circles around your neck. And if you aren’t ready to let go, that’s totally up to you. With the major designers moving towards the next trend, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of new statement necklaces in the markdown section soon enough. 

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