Life’s What You Make It

Emma Whiting

As the end of the semester draws near and I find myself close to moving onto the dreaded “real world,” I have really begun to think hard about what Colgate has meant to me. I am leaving Colgate a much more educated individual than the day I set foot on campus, and it goes beyond the academic sense of the word. Yes, I have taken full advantage of the liberal arts curriculum at Colgate, as I am graduating with a double major, one in the natural sciences and one in University Studies. But my experience here is much more than my degree. Rather, I would like to call attention to the fact that your Colgate experience is really what you make of it. The activities and events that I have taken part of outside of lectures have contributed so much to not only my happiness, but my character and future as well.

In August 2010, I embarked on a backpacking trip with my Wilderness Adventure group, which was an excellent decision on my part. When we arrived back on campus for the beginning of freshman year, we hung out with each other and had each other to rely on during the chaos of the hundreds of introductions that took place during orientation. In September, I joined the women’s club soccer team where I met a diverse group of women on campus, including the women I consider to be some of my best friends today. I also joined the Maroon-News(Holla!) during my freshman year, adding to my network of relationships and indulging my inner writer and editorial nerd.

Then, in the fall of my sophomore year, I joined Delta Delta Delta and became part of a wonderful sisterhood. Besides these activities, during my time at Colgate I have flown an airplane, studied abroad in Australia, played intramural soccer and intramural softball, conducted research on bugs in the Adirondacks, researched Aboriginal culture in the context of the environment, assessed Colgate’s sustainability practices, taken part in Yes Means Yes (which I highly recommend all students reading this do) and heard numerous influential speakers including Helen Sperling (a Holocaust survivor), Richard Branson, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani and of course, Ashton Kutcher.

The point that I intend to get across by listing many of the amazing opportunities that Colgate has provided me is this: Get out there and take advantage of what Colgate has to offer before your time at this wonderful institution runs out! There are new friendships to be made, new points of view to be heard, intellectual challenges to be faced, wilderness to be explored and thrilling experiences to be had. I am so glad that I am graduating from Colgate with more than just a degree under my belt. Not only have I been inspired by my professors in the classroom, but I have been inspired by every activity that I have taken part in and every person that I have met on this campus (and during my time in Australia). The opportunities are all out there, so go get ’em!

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