Party For Pink Held for Breast Cancer Awareness

Caroline Weihs

Many people believe that younger women cannot develop cancer. In reality, young women can be diagnosed with breast cancer, and it is in fact the most common type of cancer seen in women ages 15 to 39. Due to the little attention and awareness that young women with breast cancer face, for the past 15 years the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) has dedicated itself to improving the quality and length of life for all young women diagnosed with breast cancer. The Colgate University Breast Cancer Awareness Coalition (BCAC) has been working closely with the YSC in order to further their cause. On Thursday, February 27, BCAC teamed up with Phi Kappa Tau fraternity to host their eighth annual Party for Pink.

This semi-formal party is BCAC’s biggest event of the year, and all of the Party for Pink proceeds going to the YSC. Money was raised through a raffle in which local business such as Oliveri’s, Steph’s Boutique, The Barge Canal, La Iguana, New York Pizzeria and others generously donated gift certificates. At the event, there was a wide array of food along with many deliciously frosted pink cupcakes. The idea was not only to bring people together to raise money for the YSC, but also to generate awareness about how young women diagnosed with breast cancer face a plethora of issues that can significantly impact their quality and length of life. Some of these include financial pressure, body image challenges, intimacy issues, early onset menopause and childbearing.

“Since we are young women too, the Young Survival Coalition is more relatable to us and it makes us really want to do anything we can to help the young women battling breast cancer,” said senior and BCAC co-president, Sydney Weinberg. In her speech, Weinberg also mentioned that there is currently no effective way of screening for breast cancer in women ages 40 years or younger, and nearly 1,200 young women die annually from breast cancer.

The Swinging Gates a cappella group also made an appearance at the Party for Pink. The group performed four songs, including “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson and “Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt. Overall, the event was a success, and the money raised from the raffle doubled the usual amount that has been raised in years past.