The Best Nest: Camile Lorenzo

Eliza Graham

Senior Camile Lorenzo’s half of her Parker double is unique and minimalistic. Lorenzo has used the walls on her side of the room as a sort of canvas for a large-scale collage. Photos of Native Americans, Notorious B.I.G. and an elephant hang above Lorenzo’s bed, arranged in a centrally-focused composition. Interspersed among these are WRCU, Alternative Cinema and Friday Night Film series posters. For the most part, these images are black and white, as are the drawings above her night-stand. Cards and photos are also scattered amongst these drawings. Small but deliberate splashes of color exist on the walls and on Lorenzo’s bedding, especially noticeable in the form of a very comfortable looking, large, blue patterned pillow. The only decoration on Lorenzo’s desk is her perfectly color-coordinated nail polish collection, the arrangement of which reminds me of the satisfying ascending color patterns on paint sample cards sold at hardware stores. These bottles of nail polish are all lined up just along the edges of Lorenzo’s desk, perfectly fitting around its border. The neatness and innovation that characterize the area by Lorenzo’s bed are also reflected in this meticulous layout of colored bottles. Lorenzo’s room is incredibly rich in its few but powerful decorations.

1) How does your room reflect your personal style?

My personal style is random and messy, and my room (usually) reflects that. I like to have options and am in a completely different mood every day, so my room just reflects my constant indecision, but in a way I like.

2) Tell me about one particularly important item in your room.

This sounds vain, but having my nail polish splayed out makes me really happy. I do all my work at the library so my desk is purely for doing my nails and it’s soothing, a spot in my room where nothing serious ever happens. My doodles up on the wall also put me in a great mood; I’m teaching myself to draw.

3) Where/from whom do you get your inspiration?

I’m inspired by so many things: a small detail in an outfit, people who wear

clashing patterns and Tumblr. (I’m especially into apartments with all white walls, only decorated with books and a lot of plants – I really want a cactus right now if anyone is trying to give me a gift. I have a little potted plant named Delilah.) I also like to be creative with random materials that come into my life. I always try to work new flyers, postcards, letters and anything else into my decor. It is all about finding a way to make unrelated objects look harmonious.