The Colgate Resolutions Brighten Up the Barge

John Fullmer

Often home to a more studious crowd, the Barge Canal underwent a lively transformation on Friday, February 23, as the Colgate Resolutions came through for a show. Although known for doing performances all around the country, the Resolutions have made a habit of putting on cozy yet lively shows at the Barge. They’ve certainly earned the attention of the community, as the show was as packed as ever, with every seat in the house taken and some dedicated fans relegating themselves to the standing room in the back. The crowd had a diverse makeup, which contributed to the lively atmosphere filling the cafe; local residents were in attendance along with professors and other Colgate faculty. Perhaps even more of a testament to the draw of the show, however, was the amount of students who eschewed their typical Friday night preparations to see the performance.

Although missing several members from their roster, the Resolutions put on a dynamic performance with their characteristically eclectic choice of songs. The longstanding Resolutions piece “The Scientist” by Coldplay made its expected appearance, but was brought new spirit by energetic first-year soloist Ben Fetzner. Fetzner was not the only new member to make an impact – three other first-year Resos also got to experience their first solos. All were rousing successes, painting an optimistic picture for the future of Colgate’s oldest co-ed a capella group.

The rest of the show kept the energy levels high as the Resos entertained the crowd with a number of popular hits. The new British Rock anthem “Pompeii” by Bastille was not subdued by its a capella form whatsoever, as the punchy beatboxing of Austin Allen left it commanding authority in its own right.

Not to be outdone, the American White Stripes made an appearance as well with their song “Seven Nation Army.” Whether it was the broad appeal of the song, the invigorating vocals of soloist Rachel DeSalvo or both, the crowd appeared to have the most spirited reaction to this song. Many members of the audience appeared as if they would have been content to rock out on the dance floor, if the Barge was outfitted with such an amenity.

After entertaining the audience for over an hour, the Resos bid the crowd adieu, clearly drained from the performance, yet staying to interact with the crowd in a manner that had you believing they could have kept going all night. The Barge remained lively for some time afterwards, with groups forming to talk about their reactions to the concert, as well as grabbing one more cup of coffee before the cold night ahead. The Barge Canal is hosting a number of similar upcoming student-led events for those wishing to get in on the fun. Be sure not to miss Colgate’s funk-jazz band NOStandards performance on Friday, February 28.