The Best Nest: Senior Dave Halperin

Eliza Graham

Senior Dave Halperin’s bedroom in his off-campus apartment at 21 Lebanon Street is garish in its content, but carefully controlled in its aesthetic decisions. Halperin is visually conscious and each choice he made was made with care. The first attention drawing-items I noticed were shiny sheets emblazoned with the Versace logo and a large Texas flag hanging above the bed in the center of the room. A huge boombox sits atop a white painted wooden dresser. One area that demonstrates his conscientious stylistic decisions is the corner in which Halperin has created a collage using his favorite album covers. There are 20 covers pressed together neatly in a rectangular shape. The arrangement of the records is visually pleasing, compact and neat. This room may be the space of a self-proclaimed rebel, but Halperin is certainly a

meticulous rebel at that.

1) How does your room reflect your personal style?

My room is quite gaudy and ostentatious, which are things I like. I like over-the-top; it entertains me. But I am trying to tone it down a little, hence why I switched from having the fur comforter to the Versace bedding. I also really like nice clothes and have a lot of them, which is the reason why I have the big closet and the armoire inside my room. These items are very needed if I want to have my collection with me. My TV is nice too, especially since it gets Showtime and HBO so I’m able to keep up with all my favorite shows. Usually I find myself watching the Bloomberg Channel the most though.

2) Tell me about one particularly important item in your room.

My bed is pretty important to me. I have bad back problems so I got a Tempurpedic mattress to give it a little help. I also really like my collection of vinyls on the wall. I think it’s a cool way to utilize the album covers as art for the room. Album covers are honestly in my opinion a very under-appreciated form of artwork. I also have my Dallas Mavericks Banner in the room as well. I’m a huge Mavs fan, I probably watch about 70 percent of their games every season. I’ll get behind the Cowboys in those rare seasons that they are actually good but I wouldn’t call myself a passionate fan of theirs like I am with the Mavs.

3) Where/from whom did you get your inspiration?

The inspiration for my room is all from me, which I guess one could label as an over-the-top inspiration. Being from Dallas I just always liked flashy things. I liked that stuff that would make you remember it. So I tried to fill my room with things like that. I also wanted my room to be a place where anybody would always feel welcome when he or she is inside it, which is why I try to keep a vibe of openness as well. It’s a great room, I’ve worked hard on it. I’d be shocked to discover a bedroom better at this school and I can guarantee there are no other rooms like mine in the entire vicinity, which is great. It further adds to the uniqueness.