InfoShare Puts Students in Control

Luke Parauda

The era of getting grades in the mail has ended for students at Colgate University. Instead, the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Financial Aid have implemented a new Banner Self-Service application called InfoShare.

The service will eliminate the need to send grades to students’ homes, helping the sustainability efforts of Colgate. InfoShare will allow students to authorize parents and others to view financial aid awards, grades, schedules, transcripts and holds.  

“It’s an attempt at greater transparency, transparency for everyone,” University Registrar Gretchen Herringer said.

Herringer stressed that the InfoShare system will save Colgate money, save paper and streamline many different services for students.

 “It seems like a good initiative, even if it is simply to save paper,” sophomore Maggie Moskowitz said. “It makes me wonder if it might make some parents upset though, since students don’t have to share their grades.

Almost all students already access grades online, so InfoShare will simply allow authorized parents to do the same as well as view other important information. Although parents may feel left out with InfoShare, it is meant to help and protect Colgate University students. 

“You – the student – have control,” Director of Financial Aid Marcelle Tyburski said.

InfoShare is far from mandatory, but there are likely to be high participation rates.

“Heck, we’d love to have 100 percent,” Tyburski said about students’ participation on InfoShare.

InfoShare is not a platform for transactions, just a means of viewing information. Ultimately, InfoShare will leave the students in charge of their own information, allowing them to share it with their parents and others at their own discretion. The InfoShare system can be found on the Colgate portal homepage. For more information, contact the office of the Registrar or Financial Aid.