The Dischords Bring it Down at the Barge


Erin Mincer

Last Saturday night, when the lights dimmed and the chatter of the Barge Canal Coffee Co. changed to a small whisper, the members of the Colgate Dischords stood in a large semicircle along the small stage as the crowd eagerly looked on in anticipation. The line to order reached almost to the door and all of the seats in the small caf?e were taken. The lights illuminated the stage as a rousing rendition of “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” by Maroon 5 began. The crowd stared as the beautiful voices melded together. The music filled the room and even the people placing orders for coffee became quiet.

First-year Matt Condit believes this concert, which was the first of the year, went well for himself as well as for the group as a whole. Even though he had limited time to prepare, Condit remained confident in his performance,

especially because of the guidance he received from other members.

“The performance went extremely well,” Condit said. “I somehow managed to learn the songs in two weeks. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. We had to do some extra rehearsals. For what music they had, they gave it to me, but the rest of it I had to learn from ear. But I had some good teachers in the bass section.” According to senior and music director Annie Gaburo, one of the best aspects of performing at the Barge is how small and intimate the venue is. In such a confined setting, it allows the a cappellagroup to feel more connected with the audience and offers the singers the chance to see the audience’s reactions as they perform.

“It’s more personal. We can actually see our friends in the audience and it’s a more casual concert. I really like performing at the Barge,” Gaburo said. 

Gaburo also explained how being involved with the Dischords has been her defining activty at Colgate. Not only has it given her the

opportunity to partake in something she loves, but she was also able to meet many people that she otherwise would not have come into

contact with.

“[The Dischords] has been my main Colgate experience,” Gaburo said. “They’re like my family. It has just been the best thing I’ve done at Colgate and I love it. My favorite part is getting to know other people in the group because I feel like we spend so much time together and we need to have people that bond with you.” Condit agrees that by joining the Dischords, he has been able to make friends that share the same interests as him. He has been able to enjoy their company both inside practice sessions, and out.

“Overall, the group could not have been more welcoming,” Condit said. “They’ve been really great. The performance brought us together a lot quicker. I’ve spent some quality time with them outside of just rehearsals. They’ve been cool both in a professional setting and just hanging out as friends.”

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