Colgate Day Celebrated Across Campus


Rachelle Ehrman

This past Friday, students, staff and alumni alike donned their Colgate apparel to show their spirit and devotion to the school for Colgate Day.

All Colgate students are familiar with the number 13. Colgate was founded by 13 men with 13 prayers and 13 dollars, something students and staff have prided themselves on for almost 200 years. So it would seem only fitting that Colgate gets its own day to show its school pride. Every Friday the 13 has proudly been proclaimed Colgate Day by all who attend or have attended the institution.

“It’s a celebration of our history and of the community at large,” President Jeffrey Herbst said. “It provides a nice anchor for events that celebrate the larger Colgate community. I have had a lot of fun celebrating [Colgate] day.”

As part of the campus celebration, the men’s soccer team had a special Colgate Day-themed home game. The Raiders played Loyola Marymount, and though they lost two to one, school spirit was high at the game.

The Colgate Bookstore also participated in the tradition, offering 13 percent off Colgate clothing and lots of other 13-themed specials for students, alumni and fans alike.

“Colgate Day – and our community’s celebration of Friday the 13th – underscores why the people at Colgate are so special,” Dean of the College Suzy Nelson said. “We believe it is important to remember our humble roots, to honor our 13 founders and to remind students, community members and alumni of our important mission. Celebrating Colgate Day also reminds us that we are all part of the wonderful Colgate family.”

Colgate Day continues to be a much-beloved tradition throughout the University community.

“It’s a reminder that we are approaching out bicentennial in 2019,” Herbst said of the unique impact that Colgate Day has on the school. “We are beginning plans for celebrating what is a very momentous event in the history of any institution. [In addition to other events] we will be conditioning a new history of Colgate.”

“Coming to Colgate University has been like coming home for me. The Colgate community cares about their school and each other,” Nelson said.

The next Colgate Day will be Friday, December 13.

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