Life Moves Pretty Darn Fast

Stephanie Jenks

Much to my disbelief, I’m two weeks into my senior year. It hasn’t lived up to its hype yet, but then again we are only two weeks into the semester. So far, my senior year has been a series of thoughts that are constantly running through my head – how am I a senior already? Am I really at this point in my life? What will I do after I graduate? Is this the last time I will experience something like this at Colgate? Have I done everything I wanted to accomplish as a student? So many thoughts and so little time left. Instead of dwelling on the fact that I’m getting old and entering the real world in eight months (but really, who’s counting?), I’m going to share with you a few things students shouldn’t take for granted that can make for a great final year, or really any academic year at Colgate. This isn’t an exhaustive list because I can rant to you guys for pages and pages but I’ll spare you for now with a few gems.

First things first, make the most of the convenience. Sure it can be a little rough seeing that person you don’t want to see on the academic quad or in the O’Connor Campus Center (Coop) during the lunch rush, but there aren’t many times in our lives when we’ll be surrounded by so many of our friends. There’s always a shoulder to cry on or a laugh to be had just a short walk away.

Close proximity for the win!

This certainly won’t be the case in the real world, depending where everyone ends up post-graduation. Since our time here is limited, it’s essential to live in the moment. I’m adding this one as a personal reminder considering I worry too much about the future. Yes, looking for jobs, filling out grad school applications and generally just trying to get your life together are all very important tasks (especially since us seniors will be faced with the dreaded “so what do you want to do after college?” question), but take a step back and cherish these moments at Colgate. I don’t know about you, but prime fall-time at Colgate is almost here and I’m unacceptably excited to soak in the utter beauty of this campus. Don’t mind me as I casually swoon over the foliage.

If your stress levels are through the roof or you’re in the middle of a quarter-life crisis and all hell is breaking loose, hit up Trudy Fitness Center. This place holds all the answers. This piece of advice is coming from someone who is very far from ever being a fitness fiend or health guru so you know it’s serious business. You’ll feel a million times better afterwards … I promise.

No matter what year you are at Colgate, go ahead and make yourself a bucket list. Before classes started, my friends and I created a bucket list of things we’d like to do before we graduate. Whether or not those things get accomplished is up to us, but the list always serves as a friendly reminder that our time here is limited.

On that note, make sure your bucket list includes an activity that makes you try something new. Step outside of your comfort zone. Whether that means talking to someone new, taking a class in an unfamiliar department, or joining a random club, just do it. There are so many resources available to us at Colgate. Don’t let them go to waste.

Finally, make the most of every opportunity you’re given here. We only get four years at this beautiful place, so don’t let it slip away. And if this Editor’s Column theme wasn’t cheesy enough, I’m going to leave you with the wise words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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