The Best Nest: Austin Allen ’14

Eliza Graham

Austin Allen’s room is a cozy oasis from the badly lit, stark fraternity house hallway in which it is situated. My new favorite word this fall has been “groovy” (if this catches on, let this article serve as proof that I am personally responsible for the resurfacing of this word), and I guess using that word has really permeated my aesthetic tastes as well, because it’s the perfect way to describe Allen’s room. The majority of wall space is covered in tapestries or other hangings, ranging from a poster of the Indian god Ganesha to David Bowie’s 1973 album “Pin Ups.” A slew of Allen’s signature sunglasses sit atop a table of his, and small wall bookshelves holding photos and his favorite volumes are found on two of the walls, anchoring the space but still appearing light and untethered. Allen’s coffee table is a dull unfinished wood, covered in colorful chalk doodles and drawings, and serves as a functional and unique centerpiece. There is a strong Southeast Asian influence in the room and the color choices are harmonious and well thought out. Allen clearly maintains the same sense of creativity in his style of decorating as he does in the way he dresses: it’s not surprising that, with vintage images of hula dancers, this is the room of the guy on campus you can always spot in his Hawaiian shirt – groovy.

Where/from whom did you get your inspiration?

I wanted a room that was relaxing, comfy and unique. I was inspired by a few different Asian cultures, specifically Indian culture. A continuing theme from my room last year is red. My room is a mix of many shades of red, some orange and neutral tones.

How does your room reflect your personal style?

My room less reflects the specifics of my personal style and more the general uniqueness of my

personal style. I don’t dress very “zen.” I feel my room reflects my aspirations more than personal style.

Tell me about one particularly important item in your room.

I really love the wall tapestry. Besides its ability to cover the ugly stucco walls, it really adds to the overall vibe of the room due to its sheer size.

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