What’s Left: The State of Disunion: Trump Misses Again

Fabrizio Herrera Alfaro, Maroon-News Staff

President Donald Trump’s State of the Union was shocking, to say the least, but maybe we should be used to him by now. Trump showed just how “presidential” he was by snubbing Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s handshake, but hey, what else could we expect from an orange buffoon who cares more about television ratings than the actual government? In case you also care about ratings, the viewership for this Tuesday’s speech was down by 20 percent according to The New York Times. SAD! 

According to NowThis News, Trump stated more than one false claim every 2.5 minutes. Don’t believe that a human can lie that much? Let’s walk through some of them. 

First, Trump said that he will always fight to protect people with pre-existing conditions, which is objectively false, as Trump has unsuccessfully fought to repeal the Affordable Care Act—a program that protects pre-existing conditions—since his first day of office. Not only has he attempted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but his administration also joined a lawsuit asking courts to overturn all Obamacare, removing healthcare coverage from over 20 million Americans.

After that, Trump argued that the economy is better than it has ever been. Once more, this is false, because according to NowThis News, the economy was in better shape in multiple periods during the Obama presidency and in the late 1990s. Trump then said that over 600 miles of border wall have already been built, which is, again, entirely false. According to the US Customs and Border Protection, only one mile of border wall has been built, and the remaining 599 miles were renovated fences that were actually in place before Trump came into office. Dare I say, thanks Obama?

Trump went on to say that under his administration, seven million Americans have come off of food stamps. This statement is misleading to say the least since these Americans don’t really have the choice; they were forced off of food stamps because Trump has made it harder for able-bodied adults to qualify.

Next, Trump awarded Rush Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, an award usually reserved for people respected by both sides of the political spectrum, or at least most of America. However, Limbaugh is a sexist and a racist, best known for making statements like “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to mainstream society” and “The NFL often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons.” 

For anyone that says Trump supporters are not racist or sexist, why award a man like this? His entire State of the Union was a campaign speech for his base, and there was no reaching across the aisle, no unity, and certainly no substance. 

The one enjoyable moment of the entire speech was the end, not because Trump’s lies were over, but because of Pelosi tearing her copy of the State of the Union speech in half. The conservative outrage at this symbolic action was tone-deaf, as they introduced motions to censure Pelosi for her “disgraceful” actions. Trump went as far as to declare that her actions were illegal—they were not—and others labeled her classless. However, Republicans have lost all grounds to make arguments based on propriety. Trump did not shake her hand, Trump cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star, and Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. For anyone who wants to argue that Pelosi’s actions “destroyed” the dignity of the government, how about Trump calling the impeachment articles “all bullshit,” or how about Donald Trump Jr. insulting Mitt Romney for voting to convict Trump? 

Trump has destroyed any sense of propriety and decorum, and this speech was a reminder that he cannot serve another term; every single one of us has to do what they can to ensure his first term is his last. If we unite in solidarity against his false sense of reality, there is a chance that America can have a brighter future and maybe a chance at restoring dignity to politics.