Colgate Couture: Revamp Your Winter Look

Alexis Manrodt

Staying stylish in the winter weather is always a challenge. No matter the endless layering opportunities that the season provides, it is just as easy to get stuck in a monotonous cycle of the same boots, sweaters, coat, hats and scarves. I, for one, have a tendency to pack on so many layers that I resemble the Michelin Man. But as the cold months drag on, I get the itch to revamp my look and try out the trends that I see in every magazine at the C-Store.

Covering your extremities is an obvious must during the snowy months, but jeans and gloves can get boring really fast. Instead of your trusty pair of denim, wear a pair of lounge pants or pajamas in a fun pattern. Make sure the design is something classroom-appropriate and not your PJs with pigs and hearts all over the legs. Anthropologie sells a variety of lounge pants in color-blocked stripes, paisleys and ikat prints that would look amazing paired with a v-neck shirt and crisp black blazer. The best thing about them is that they are roomy enough to layer leggings underneath. If you are anything like me, you do a fair amount of falling on a certain set of icy steps on this campus, so a durable pair of leggings is crucial. Hue and American Apparel make thick opaque leggings that manage not to rip no matter how many times you fall on your bum. 

Equally as important for winter is a good pair of shoes to keep your feet dry while trudging through the snow. I know this may be shocking for many, but there is an entire world of snow shoes outside of L.L. Bean’s ubiquitous boots. If you are someone who likes a bit of height, Sorel makes several great wedge snow boots, like the Crazy Cable boot with built-in leg warmer and the lace-up Joan of Arctic boot. I have the Lux leather wedge boot and the traction on their shoes is incredible.

One of the biggest frustrations that I have with winter is that bulky layers do not lend themselves easily to showing off accessories. One of my favorite looks to wear is putting large bracelets and cuffs on top of a thin pair of gloves – it keeps my hands warm and creates a really quirky and fun look. Another style popular on the fall and winter runways is to layer statement necklaces on top of turtlenecks and chunky sweaters. Steph Boutique in downtown Hamilton has a great selection of jewelry to layer and play with over your winter garb. 

Try playing with different styles of winter accessories. Are your gloves too plain? Invest in a pair of knit elbow-length gloves and embroider them with your initials or sew on metallic sequins. Bored with your knit cap? Try a hat in a felt bowler cut or floppy wide-brimmed style to keep your head warm and the sun out of your eyes. Better yet, pick out a knit turban cap from one of the many sold by ASOS for under $20 to keep your ears warm and avoid dreaded hat hair. Switch up your scarves by tying a couple lightweight summer scarves around your neck instead of one heavy winter scarf. There are so many simple ways to revamp your winter look – all it takes is a little experimentation.