More Than Just A Water Bottle

More Than Just A Water Bottle

Kyle Gavin

On Tuesday, February 12, President Obama gave the fifth State of the Union address of his lackluster presidential career. Although the speech was littered with liberal ideas such as raising the minimum wage, gun regulation and increased taxes, the mainstream media did not focus on his speech in the following days. Instead, the major focus has been on rising GOP Senator Marco Rubio’s rebuttal. The media has focused on Rubio awkwardly trying to grab a water bottle instead of analyzing the content of his speech. 

The next morning, a CNN anchor asked if Rubio’s gesture would be a career ender. Admittedly, Rubio reaching for a bottle of water was a little awkward but to say that it is a career ender is absurd. New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez has been accused of using underage prostitutes and that is barely getting any media coverage. The media decides to poke fun at Rubio instead of covering actual news stories such as the $16 trillion national debt, the sequester or cabinet confirmation hearings. 

This story is only a microcosm of a much larger issue: the liberal media bias. In 2007, then-Senator Joe Biden referred to Barack Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.” Biden, of course, went on to become Obama’s Vice-President. In the summer of 2012, Biden said to a predominantly African-American audience that Republicans “… want to unchain Wall Street. They want to put y’all back

in chains.” 

Both of these incidents were laughed off as “Biden being Biden.” Could you imagine if a Republican politician had said either of these things? Al Sharpton would be marching outside of the politician’s home with a bullhorn. Candlelight vigils would be held in city after city and the mainstream media would not stop covering the story until the offending politician

groveled successfully enough to satisfy the tolerance police.  

The media is often referred to the as the “fourth estate of government.” It serves as the gatekeeper of knowledge to the public. However, what happens to our

democracy when the media gets corrupted? 

Many say that Fox News is biased and it is, to a degree, but it is just one source. Almost every other news outlet leans to the left dramatically. Whether it is NBC News “accidentally” doctoring the audio of a 911 call to make George Zimmerman appear more racist or the buffoons at CNN guffawing at Marco Rubio’s hydration habits, time and time again, the media has shown their true colors – and no one but the right calls them out on it.  

Almost all news sources are biased to an extent. As a conservative, it is frustrating to hear that Fox News is the only news outlet that distorts their news to fit their ideology, when in reality other news sources are worse offenders. Next time a [Insert Irrelevant] Studies professor makes a crack about Fox News, show them this article to give them a dose of perspective

for a change.