Colgate Couture: Fashion Trends to Keep and Toss From 2012

Alexis Manrodt

Another year has come and with that there is an influx of trends in every store, catalogue, magazine and blog. But for the shopper who is as budget-conscious as she is style-conscious, you can maximize your wardrobe by knowing which trendy items from last year are worth holding on to … and knowing which pieces you should burn all evidence of owning.

2012 was the year of the ??ber-feminine twee style, but don’t expect floral jeans and sweaters featuring cartoon fauna to be on many must-have lists this year. Instead of that cardigan with a stitched Bambi on the lapel, look for a sweater with a less-cutesy graphic design, like the now-ubiquitous howling wolf or a loud print or text. Varsity sweaters are on-trend and brands like Topshop already offer a range of pullovers with ironic text.

Also on its way out is the peplum cut, a style made popular this summer by Kate and Pippa Middleton. Personally, I was never a fan of peplum because I could never understand why someone would want to give the illusion of wearing a bustle pad, but I admit that the royal sisters always made the style look polished. Though the trend was quickly embraced by women without royal duties of their own, most people have realized how difficult it is to find a peplum cut that is truly figure flattering.

One mainstay from the feminine trend is the spectrum of light colors, which can look surprisingly in-season during the winter. Toughen up your pastels with accented pieces in black, emerald green, eggplant and oxblood red. Give that dress you bought for your summer internship a second life by pairing it with a black leather motorcycle jacket, patterned tights, boots and a black knit cap to keep warm.

An element of toughness and androgyny is perfect for the next few months, but many of the trendy items of this look have a shelf life. Take advantage of these winter months to get as much as you can out of pieces with dramatic high-low hemlines. Like the haircut that gave the style its name, the mullet style is on its way out. The same applies for the heavily spiked style. These pieces are perfect for winter, but come spring you will look as out of place as a Sid Vicious impersonator in a J. Crew catalogue. If you still want a touch of badassery in your wardrobe for 2013, tough black leather pieces are eternally in style, even those trendy leather dresses and platform boots.

 Fashion trends often look back to generations past for inspiration, and 2013 will not be any different. But instead of the Baroque patterns that were everywhere last summer, this year will be all about Art Deco. Blame it on the release date for The Great Gatsby being delayed until the summer, but 1920s-style glamour will continue to reign supreme. Invest in glittery accessories, beaded fringe and drop-waist dresses for a look that would do Daisy Buchanan proud.

On the beauty front, dip-dyed hair is still a fad, but expect colors to move away from soft pastels into the spectrum of bolder jewel tones. Who knows when we will tire of this look, though, so make sure that the dye is not permanent. Manic Panic’s line of semi-permanent hair color has a wide variety of colors and a cultish following. Look out for those fat sock-buns to still be styled on the top of every girl’s head, but expect everyone who took the plunge and got a Skrillex-inspired hairstyle to be covering up their half-shaved head.

Who knows what new trends will be discovered throughout 2013. There are 12 months for us make hundreds of sartorial choices we obsess over and thousands that we immediately regret. Mix those new trends with looks from the past year and you’ll be sure to hit some style highs.¬†