More School Spirit at Sporting Events

Anya Steinmetz, Maroon-News Staff

When I went on a tour for Colgate in the spring of my junior year of high school, my tour guide walked backward and waved hello to every other person that walked by. Students and alumni told me that practically “everyone knows everyone” by the end of their four years at Colgate. Every person who had some sort of connection to the school made sure that I knew how close-knit the people at Colgate were. Now that I am here, I get it. We are a school of just about 3,000 students all stuck in the middle-of-nowhere, New York. 

It is almost impossible not to know the faces that you see ever day here. You are likely to see the same person from your class in Frank, the Library, the Eatery or all three in the same day. This unique quality of Colgate is what makes being a member of this community so special. However, all things considered, the amount of school spirit at sporting events and other activities is lackluster. This lack of spirit is extremely surprising considering how close we all are. However, who says we can’t change it?

I’m not saying that we all need to somehow transform Colgate into the University of Michigan, nor am I saying that I would want that to happen. But, as a freshman, it is hard not to think about that possibility when I see my other friends waking up at 7:00 a.m. dressed head to toe in their college’s swag to get ready to watch a sporting event. I know that as a school we could come together and get a little more school spirit together at some sporting events. The first step would be for more people to show up. Colgate has amazing athletic facilities and not being on a sports team is not an excuse not to utilize them. 

Additionally, going to sports games to support your classmates is much more fun than some would expect. The Class of 1965 Arena was packed at this year’s Colgate vs. Cornell hockey game. It was exciting to be in the midst of so many people from the school coming together to support our team. The simple act of getting the bleachers filled with students would be enough to transform our school spirit entirely. 

The dynamic at sporting events would change. People would actually show up wearing Colgate gear and would cheer louder than ever before. This is what a tight-knit community dynamic actually looks like. “Game-day” could actually become a thing here, just maybe without the three hour-long tailgates and the hundreds of thousands of people. 

After the video of a sad Colgate Raider circulated around schools across America, it is important that we come together and get some spirit going once and for all!