America or “Absurdistan?”

Matthew Eichel

This past Friday evening, students, parents and Hamilton residents packed into Love Audi-torium to listen to Colgate alumnus and Fox News contributor Monica Crowley give a lecture on the 2012 election and the future of American politics. The thesis of Crowley’s lecture was that the “experiment” of the last four years was a complete failure and that America would soon be under new management.

Let’s face it: this country is in trouble. Once the greatest nation in the world, we are now struggling economically and the world is turning against us. This election is truly the most important of our lifetime and we find ourselves in a unique situation. Should we allow four more years of this experiment to radically change America or should we end the takeover of the kooks and save our country? It seems a pretty easy decision to me.

Four years ago, Barack Hussein Obama became the president of this great nation. The country had fallen into a recession, and Obama had been elected on a promise to bring “change that we can believe in.” Well, I’m still waiting for him to fulfill that promise. What he did instead was to exacerbate the situation. As soon as Obama occupied the White House, he began to drastically transform this country.

You see, Obama is not your typical Democrat. He is a far-left kook who believes that our nation should be a socialist nanny state. Programs such as Obamacare displayed his desire to put in social welfare programs that helped to redistribute the wealth and “give everybody a fair shot.” The problem is that even if the wealth was spread around, some people would still maintain an edge over others. What’s next? Surgically removing pieces of the most intelligent peoples’ brains to try to spread intelligence around? How about mandating that working out is illegal so we all become morbidly obese and loaf around on an equal playing field? Obama’s policies are insane and they just have not worked. Going from 10 trillion dollars in debt to 16 trillion is not a good thing. Having people become dependent on the government for services is not conducive to having a healthy nation. It is not all right for someone to say they are vot-ing for Obama because he “gave me a cellphone” or is “going to pay my heating bill and my mortgage.” If we hope to fix our economic problems, we need to get the government to back out of our lives once again. The focus needs to be brought back to individualism.

Throughout this election season, the problems of the economy have been highlighted over and over again. Obama wants to transform this country into a socialist’s dream and that has caused huge problems. The problems Obama has caused abroad are just as important, how-ever. Obama’s fantasy of redistribution goes much beyond spreading wealth around. He wants to spread around everything that makes America the exceptional country that it is. From go-ing around the globe apologizing for American actions to demeaning his office by bowing to the Saudi royal family, Obama has pandered to foreign leaders and weakened our power and influence in the world.

He has consorted with people we have long considered enemies and alienated those who were our close allies. Under his watchful eye, terrifying developments have occurred in the Middle East. Islamic extremists have grown in strength as a movement to unite the Arab world under the banner of Islam has commenced. Our friendship with out greatest ally, Israel, weakened as Obama tried to distance himself from Netanyahu. Egypt’s Mohammed Morsi, a supposed ally of the U.S,, met with our enemies in Iran and was caught praising a call for God to wipe out the Jews. Things need to change. The world needs to fear our power once again. The once-held exceptional status needs to be brought back to America.

Facts don’t lie. America is much worse off than it was a mere four years ago. The excite-ment that surrounded the election of the first African-American to the presidency has all but evaporated. Things need to change. It is time to bring the takeover of the far left kooks to a screeching halt. We gave Obama a chance to help save our country, but he has instead tried to transform America into Absurdistan. It is time to tell that clown to take a hike and bring back the nation that our founders built. We cannot afford four more years!

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