Fashion Spotlight: Pam Duncan ’14

Rachel Eisen

Pam is a political science concentrator with an economics minor from Medford, N.Y..

How would you describe your style?

Very, very, very simple, classic and modest. I feel like I would be able to wear the major-ity of my clothes 30 years from now and not stand out at all.

How would you say your style fits in with the Colgate community?

I think that it fits in really well. I know that I am not on the cutting edge of fashion by any means, but I feel like I blend in well with the typical Colgate student.

How has your style changed since you came to Colgate?

Immensely. In high school, my friends called me “The Frumpster” because I would wear frumpy clothes to school every day – the extremely sexy sweatshirt/sweatpants combo, shirts with sweat stains and slippers. I was a mess. Since coming to Colgate, I have defi-nitely cleaned up my act. I realized that I am an adult, and if I want people to treat me as one, I must look like an adult. I also always try to look nice for class. Most professors wear a coat and tie, and it shows respect for them if we look presentable as well.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My mom! I think that she has such a classic style. She wears really simple outfits, but then throws on a fabulous scarf or carries a great purse to pull the look together.

What are some of your favorite stores or brands?

J. Crew, Gap, Ked’s (I live in my Ked’s), Francesca’s, L.L. Bean, Anthropologie and Target

What would you say is your seasonal statement at the moment?

My L.L. Bean fall jacket. It is lightly lined, so it keeps me just warm enough.

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