More Than “Gangnam Style”

Rebecca Raudabaugh

When I was looking up something to inspire me to write, I found myself on Google News. After one story about the upcoming election, there was one about the new iPhone 5, the Emmys and one about the “Gangnam Style” craze. And that is when I decided what to write about. Over 257 million people have watched PSY’s “Gangnam Style.”

I am not saying there is anything wrong with watching PSY. In fact, I love that song. But what does it say about our campus that we have all seen that video, and most of us know the dance, but not all of us are going to vote in this upcoming election that will change the course of our nation? Further, how many people are actively trying to enact change on our campus?

We should try spending some more time worrying about where our money is going at Colgate, and why budget cuts are happening to some departments, yet we still have an increase in our tuition. This phenomenon is occurring because we are trying to match the actions of “similar” universities.

Wouldn’t it be great if we sent more students abroad for a semester that could not af-ford it instead of sending 25 professors to India for two weeks? We should focus on the experiences our students can have rather than that of our faculty.

Or how about the community we reside in? In Madison County, the median income for a household is $40,184 and the median income for a household in Hamilton is $36,583. In 2011, 113 sex crimes were reported. And does it perhaps make some people uncomfortable that there are 25 sex offenders within a six-mile radius of campus? There are things to care about on this campus if you cannot care about the rest of the world.

We should be fighting. Instead of day drinking and talking about “what happened at the Jug last night,” we should be talking about our feelings towards Israel. Obama and Romney seem to be on different sides of that issue. Do we really want our government to be enter-ing into wars and taking stances if we do not really agree with them? How about abortion? Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, make your voice heard. Thirty-one states now have rules about abortion; is yours one of them?

I am not asking you to stop going out, or even stop appreciating the Sperrys and Ralph Lauren on this campus. Maybe instead of constantly analyzing last night’s Slices choices, you could think about the many Hamilton residents who did not have dinner – or the women whose husbands hit them last night. Or where your parent’s (or your) money is going on this campus.

So the next time PSY hits up your playlist, just remember that there is more to our existence than the newest YouTube hit. PSY has grown up in a country where they worry everyday about North Korea, a country that most of us do not think about even on a weekly basis. Too many of us are being passive and not standing up for our beliefs and morals. If we do not, how can we expect someone else to?

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