Tech Tip

Viktor Mak

The ITS Office would like to share some useful information about using technol-ogy at Colgate University. Here are three useful tips:

Wireless Printers – Many of you probably brought wireless printers to Colgate. Unfortunately, you can’t print using the Wi-Fi feature, you can only print by plugging your printer in via USB to your computer. However, if you keep the Wi-Fi feature on, it will slow down your computer’s internet, since your printer is communicating with the router and taking away bandwidth. Not only will your internet be slow, but your neighbors will be affected too.

Google Drive – Google Drive is cloud storage that is directly connected to your Colgate email account. Google Drive allows you to store your files online. You can then access your files wherever you, from a desktop at the library, your smartphone or tablet. You can never lose an assignment ever again. Need I say more? Register at this case sensitive link:

The RCC Program – Last but not least, what if I told you that anytime you had a problem with your computer or anything tech related, you could contact someone liv-ing in your dorm, and they would come solve it for you? You would probably wouldn’t believe me, but this is exactly the service that the Residential Computer Consultant program provides. Living right in your dorm is someone that could solve any tech nightmare for you! Check it out on to see who your RCC is. This service is available to every student, including upperclassmen.

Contact Viktor Mak at [email protected]