In The Light: Erin Nash

Erin Nash

Erin Nash, senior and Syracuse native, has been a vital part of the Residential Life staff throughout her time at Colgate. The psychology major is currently serving as the Apartment Manager of University Courts, in which she oversees both juniors and seniors at Colgate.

Nash began her involvement with Resi­dential Life when she became a Residential Advisor in her sophomore year. She was the RA for Andrews Hall, and in her junior year progressed to become the RA in Shepardson.

She describes the purpose of the Resi­dential Life staff as creating “a healthy living space for my residents through one-on-one interactions, hall programming and peer ad­vising.” Yet, her role is flexible. As an RA for first-years, Nash primarily dealt with room­mate conflicts and personal issues. Working with upperclassmen, she says her primary responsibilities include “ensuring the main­tenance of all University Court buildings … and supporting residents in their academic and extracurricular pursuits.”

For Nash, working as an RA “is some­times challenging, [but] assisting and developing close relationships with more than 200 students has been extremely rewarding. I cannot express how thank­ful I am to have had the most wonderful residents over the past three years.”

As for her peers in Residential Life, Nash says she has “become closely con­nected with the other members of the Residential Life staff; it is both exciting and inspiring to work with students who share the same goal of wanting to help students to experience positive living situations.”

Nash is also involved on campus as a member of the Benton Scholars program, and served last year as the Policy Coordina­tor for Student Life on the SGA Executive Board. She also participated in the Upstate Institute Summer Field School Program and the Dominican Republic alternative break trip sponsored by COVE.

During her time at Colgate, Nash says the university “has prompted and inspired me to engage with the world as a global citi­zen – I have learned to become more aware and critical of ideas and events going on in the world. More importantly, Colgate has helped me to discover my passions, as well as the drive to pursue those passions.”

Post-graduation, Nash plans to work for a few years in the field of organization­al development and then attend graduate school to obtain a Master’s degree or Ph.D in Organizational Psychology.

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