Colgate Couture: A Very Gaga Holiday Season

Alexis Manrodt

Forget Versace and H&M, the collaboration that I am most excited for this holiday season is Lady Gaga and Barneys. The super-luxe department store has teamed up with the controversial singer for Gaga’s Workshop, a fabulously demented take on Santa’s workshop. Described by an Entertainment Weeklywriter as “a bit Tim-Burton-shrouded-in-cotton-candy chic,” the Workshop is a kaleidoscope collection of colors and images. The Tim Burton influence is made obvious right at the front of the store, where you are met by an eight-foot-tall Gaga spider that watches over the entire striped, swirled and zigzagged room. Featured in Barneys stores across the country, the collection is proving to be a landmark event for the department store, as it marks the first time that an entire floor of their Madison Avenue location has been converted to celebrate a collaboration. Also dedicated to Gaga are the windows outside of Barneys, which famously attract thousands of tourists every holiday season for their wildly unpredictable displays.


But if you cannot make it to New York City this season, do not fret – the entire collection is available online for purchase on the Barneys website. The line was created under the creative direction of Nicola Formichetti, Gaga’s stylist and creator of some of her most famous looks, with aid from installation artists Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson of the art collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Barneys creative director Dennis Friedman and, of course, Gaga herself. 


Everything in the collection is appropriately over-the-top, but it tends to be on the pricey side. From the 220 items created for the collaboration, there are $25 playing cards, press-on nails ranging from $45 to $225 and a chocolate recreation of Gaga’s famed Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes worn in the “Bad Romance” video for a steep $95. Though a hundred bucks is pretty unreasonable for thirty ounces of chocolate, the artistry in the treat is impressive. Actually, all of the candy in this collection is artfully made, ranging from silver chocolate skulls blasted with sugar crystals to “disco sticks” of brightly colored rock candy, the treats look almost too good to want to eat.


Some items even feature the singer herself – Christmas ornaments shaped like the Gaga-motorcycle hybrid from the cover of her Born This Way album are available, and there is even a kid-friendly toy of the singer emerging from a spinning egg, hearkening back to her strange entrance at the Grammys earlier this year. If having Gaga as a gift this holiday season doesn’t appeal to you, maybe taking home some of her Little Monsters will. A set of four plush toys are available for $95 and they appear to be the more fashionable cousins to Ugly Dolls.


The collection even offers recreations of some of Gaga’s greatest looks. A pair of the Mickey Mouse-style sunglasses from her “Paparazzi” video are available, as are fingerless leather gloves encrusted with black Swarovski crystals, designed by a-morir by kerin.rose, that are perfect for practicing your Monster claw. The line also features everything from snow globes and holiday stockings to python iPad cases and stainless