All of the Lights Dancefest in Preview

Betsy Bloom

It’s not often that the Chapel is standing room only. Why? Because Dancefest only takes place once each semester. On this wildly-anticipated night, students, faculty and staff stand shoulder-to-shoulder to witness some of Colgate’s most talented dancers show off their stuff. Anyone who has ever attended Dancefest (which should be everyone) knows its one of the coolest nights of the semester, and this year’s show, ALL OF THE LIGHTS, might just be the best yet.

Groove Dance Troupe, co-lead by Olivia Marchetti and Fatima Sowe, is responsible for organizing Dancefest each year. Individual Groove members are put in charge of specific tasks such as ticket sales, programs, publicity and determining the theme of the show. Though Groove is responsible for organizing the event, putting the show together is a team effort, explains Fatima.

 “”Dancefest is truly a collaborative process from a micro level: between the choreographers and the dancers to a macro level between departments like CLSI, the individuals who secure the Chapel space for us every semester, the dancers and of course the audience. There is so much that goes into putting on a show like this and it truly is amazing to see so many students come together to support their peers,” she said.

This year’s show features thirteen troupes (how fitting!) performing a total of eighteen dances.  Their will be performances by Belly dancing, Ballroom Dancing, LAD, Colgate Dance Team, Kuumba, CSA, Shock, Walfpack, a juggler named RJ, and guest performances by members of the Hamilton Center for the Arts (including two children!). As usual, the lineup looks nothing short of awesome.

Dancefest will be held December 3 at 6:30 pm in the Chapel. Tickets are on sale, at the Coop, every day between 11:15 and 1:15 pm. Make sure to snag one early. As a member of the class of 2009 once said to Fatima:  “Dancefest. Do it. Or Don’t. But do it.”

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