“Rhcylced Consignments” Opens for Business

Amanda Fuchs, Maroon-News Staff

Rhcycled Consignments is the newest, funkiest addition to the town of Hamilton. Located in an old train depot on 44 Milford Street, the shop officially opened its doors on Wednesday, December 4. 

Billed as an upscale resale shop, Rhcycled Consignments is“not a thrift store,” according to owner Rhona Cadenhead. 

“Rhcycled will be a place where people can find things to express their personal style while simultaneously re-selling items that no longer serve them,” Cadenhead said. 

Cadenhead loves consigning and thrifting. She explained that while she initially began doing it as a way to supplement income, it quickly became a passion for her. Because of the financial origins of Cadenhead’s interest in consigning, she stresses the economic and environmental importance of the practice, describing it as “a lucrative and rewarding form of recycling.” The shop’s name, Rhcycled Consignments, thus speaks to consigning as a form of environmental consciousness, with its spelling a nod to the spelling of Cadenhead’s name.

Previously working at the University of Buffalo before relocating to Hamilton, Cadenhead’s background working with college students was important to the evolution of Rhcycled Consignments in that it demonstrated to her the need for a buy-in and buy-back style store available to this demographic. 

Despite her store having just opened, Cadenhead has high expectations for its potential influence In the future, she hopes to work with Colgate in encouraging its students to consider making second-hand purchases and to donate items that are no longer of use to them for quick, additional income.

While the shop offers many necessary and important essentials—it carries men’s, women’s, and junior’s basics—there are also many “unique finds at non-retail prices” to discover which extend far beyond t-shirts and university apparel. It is Cadenhead’s hope that Rhcycled Consignments will be known as a go-to “affordable, hip place to shop in town.” 

Cadenhead also stresses the importance of Rhcycled as a place to inspire community-building and strong work ethic among younger Hamilton residents. She hopes to hire local students to assist with store operations and learn the fundamentals of the retail business. 

She also hopes to partner with groups and organizations like Cinderella’s Closet, which offers young girls with limited means the opportunity to borrow formal wear like prom dresses for free.

“It has always been my dream to open a consignment shop,” Cadenhead said. “I’ve had a million jobs, but this is the one I’ve always wanted.”

Rhcycled Consignments is open Wednesday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Cadenhead encourages everyone to visit @rhcycledconsignments on social media, reach out over email (rh[email protected]) or by phone (315-351-2542) with any inquiries.