In The Light: Casey Macaulay

Traveling the world is nothing new for Casey Macaulay. The senior was born in Washington, D.C., but spent most of her time living in Germany and now resides with her family in Nantucket.

Macaulay also studied abroad in Lon­don at the School of Oriental and Af­rican Studies, which is part of the Uni­versity of London. During her study abroad, Macaulay went backpacking in Greece, Italy, Spain and Holland.

“Backpacking was a very liberating ex­perience, and I encourage everyone to do it. Overall, study abroad was completely different from Colgate and an incredible experience,” she explained.

The theater and political science double major considers herself friendly, busy and a person of many interests. Macaulay currently works as an intern at the Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education (COVE). She is also the senior advisor for Advocates, Colgate’s Gay-Straight Alliance, the Communi­cations Director of College Democrats, leader of Colgate’s Anti-Racism Coali­tion and a member of Konosioni.

Recently, the senior helped organize the September 11 memorial service on cam­pus and started a letter writing campaign to troops in Afghanistan.

“I got the idea for the letter campaign when I was abroad. To see it play out and have people participate in it was my proudest moment at Colgate. It’s so nice to remember such a tragic event in such a positive way,” Macaulay said.

The senior advises all students to explore their options at Colgate.

“Don’t limit yourself in any way. Try new things, get out of your comfort zone, sit with somebody random at the Coop one day for lunch,” she encouraged.

Although Macaulay is not a dancer, the senior wishes she took part in Dancefest during her time at Colgate.

“I’ve gone to Dancefest every semester, and it’s amazing to see what people can do. It’s an incredible display of Colgate’s talent,” she said.

After graduation, the senior hopes to pursue her interest in theater by get­ting a PhD and would like to teach the art of acting one day. In the meantime, Macaulay would love to continue her travels around the world. She is con­sidering moving back to Europe or traveling to Asia, Africa or other states in the United States that she has never been to before.

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