Tracy MacKay

Richard Falvo, Maroon-News Staff

Tracy MacKay has been working at Frank Dining Hall for two and a half years. Prior to joining the Colgate Community, MacKay was a stay-at-home mother, tending to her two boys at her home in Sherburne, where she had lived for eight years. Before moving to upstate New York, MacKay lived in Brooklyn, where she missed being able to see the stars in the sky on a clear night, as the towering skyscrapers obstructed the view. The presence of stars in the Hamilton sky are some of the particularly pleasant differences she has noticed since moving from the Big City.

Though typically stationed at G8, the allergen-friendly station at Frank Dining Hall, MacKay stated that she occasionally finds herself working at the deli, omelet bar, or any other location that is of high demand at a given time. In fact, this is her first semester working on the upper level of Frank. Before stationing at G8, MacKay worked in the basement with a team who prepares on-the-go meals for Colgate. With that being said, she has very much enjoyed the opportunity to interact with students on a daily basis. More specifically, the level of appreciation in which students convey by saying “hello” and “thank you” after being served food puts a smile on MacKay’s face and warms her heart during the workday. Fortunately, the friendliness of the Hamilton community at-large has worked its way into the student body at Colgate.

Off-campus, MacKay enjoys spending time with her two sons. She does not typically work on Saturdays, as that is a day she reserves for bonding with family. In addition, MacKay enjoys coloring and, not surprisingly, cooking and baking. One of her favorite meals to prepare is salisbury steak. And for dessert, any kind of cupcakes will do. 

One fun fact worth mentioning about MacKay is that she actually just recently received her driver’s license this past year. She lived in Brooklyn before moving to Sherburne. During that time, there was simply no need for driving to and from locations. Walking or taking public transportation were the primary modes of transportation. Even though it is a new experience for her, MacKay finds driving (as well as the snow) quite enjoyable.